Let Us Help You Cool Your Electrical Control Panels

The warmer temperatures of summer are dragging on a bit late this year in Ohio, which can be great for weekend activities, but forces us to wait just a little longer before the weather officially “breaks”.  And, while the bringing of a new season may be a welcome change for many, the outside temperatures remaining high can mean an increased risk of overheating electrical panels.  Case in point, the images below show an electrical control panel with internal temperatures as high as 65.3°C with ambient temperatures around 35°C.

This thermal image shows the view of an electrical control panel from the outside
Another view from the outside of a nearby enclosure
Thermal imaging showing the temperatures of the internal components of this cabinet
At their maximum, components inside this enclosure reached as high as 65.3 degrees C

This type of scenario is common not only during the summer, but also of industrial manufacturing areas with heat producing equipment such as CNC machines, lathes, centrifuges, screw machines, molding machines, etc.

Thankfully, the solution for these applications is the same.  Using only compressed air, our Cabinet Coolers alleviate overheating conditions in control panels, regulating both temperature and humidity (relative humidity is regulated to 45% with the use of an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler).  By completing our Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide, anyone can gain access to our Application Engineering staff and have the heat load of their application calculated by a trained engineer.  We can then make a recommendation as to the exact system needed for your application.

If you’re experiencing problems with overheating electrical control panels, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.  We’ll be happy to help.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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