Cold Gun Keeps Analyzer 31°F Cooler to Prevent Failure

A few months ago I had worked with a customer on a finned heat sink, cooling application. The heat sink is part of their TOC analyzer which is a device that detects and measures total organic carbon levels found in a fluid sample. The part of the plant where the analyzers are located has several pieces of equipment generating heat in the ambient environment close to 110°F. When the temperature gets this high, the analyzers begin to overheat, resulting in faulty readings and they will ultimately shut down. They were wanting to install a device that could blow cold air across the heat sink on the analyzer to prevent it from overheating.

After discussing the application with the customer, I recommended our Model # 5315 Cold Gun Aircoolant System with two cold outlets. The Cold Gun produces a 50°F temperature drop from compressed air supply temperature and provides 1,000 Btu/hr. of cooling capacity. For example, if your compressed air supply temperature is 70°F you would effectively see 20°F air being discharged from the cold exhaust. The Dual Point Hose Kit splits the cold airflow into 2 separate streams, providing for a wider coverage area.

Model # 5315 Cold Gun System with dual point hose kit

The customer decided to order a single unit and after a week of testing replied back…

“We tried one a week ago with excellent results! We are installing three more today.  The other five will be here today and tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your help! Our analyzer is running 31°F cooler than it had been with no more overtemp failures!”

It goes without mentioning, but this is the type of positive feedback we are thrilled to hear! It feels incredible when a customer takes time out of their busy schedule to acknowledge how EXAIR products provided the perfect solution for their needs!

BUT the story doesn’t end there… just last week, over 2 months since our last correspondence, the customer sent me another email that read…

“Just a follow up on the effectiveness of the cold air guns. We have not experienced a single failure of our TOC analyzers since the guns were installed two months ago.

The cold air solved the problem of our analyzer overheating — even during the hottest part of the summer.

Thank you for your excellent recommendation!”

I let the customer know how much we appreciated the awesome news and how happy we were to be able to solve their problem. At the end of the day, that’s what we strive for, to provide the best and largest selection of Intelligent Compressed Air Products on the market today.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer






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