Hey EXAIR, How Do You…?

Years ago it wasn’t uncommon to post a question you have to a website called a forum in order to get help figuring out how to do something. This of course was back when forums were still the rage and videos on the internet were not nearly as popular as they are today. It wasn’t very long after when trying to learn how to do something has now turned into an internet video search and you generally come up with half a dozen people explaining how to do the task at hand. Notice, I didn’t say that they are explaining how to do it well or do it right.

EXAIR started making how-to and tips and tricks videos back in 2010. We have consistently released new videos that cover the vast reaches of our products. Some are more subject matter expert videos, others are tips and tricks / how-to and finally you have the more in depth product knowledge videos.

The best part of this is that our Application Engineers are the ones that made/make them and so you get to see us, hear us discuss the proper way to proceed with products or situations. You can also call and talk to us if there is anything we may have left out. We always look forward to walking through troubleshooting, new installations, or even theoretical applications of products. If you want to look through the videos, you can search here on our blog, you can review them on EXAIR.com or even our YouTube channel.

Feel free to reach out and let us know, we are always here to help.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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