The Power of Optimization

When you take your car into the service shop for an oil change, you notice that they will check the fluids, the air filter, the belt, the tire pressure, etc.  The reason that they do this is to make sure that your car will not have any potential safety issues and to get the maximum performance from your vehicle.    

EXAIR has been the leader in “tuning up” compressed air systems.  We have been selling efficient, safe, and effective products since 1983.  At that time, we wanted to become more than a manufacturer.  We wanted to also provide a way to improve your compressed air system.  We developed this into our Optimization product line.   By design, these products are twofold.  First, it shows the importance of saving compressed air, improving safety, and refining processes.  Second, it helps to improve the performance of your compressed air system to get the most out of it.   I am going to discuss a few points about each product below:  

Electronic Flow Control:  The EFC is designed to save compressed air.  If there are any time gaps in a blowing or cooling application, then we should turn off the compressed air.  The EFC is a miniature timing PLC that uses a photoelectric sensor to turn off the compressed air.  By using less compressed air, you will be able to save a bunch of money.  This is why the light bulb in your refrigerator goes off when the door is closed (or does it?).      

Digital Sound Level Meter:  This device is used for measuring sound levels.  For safety reasons, OSHA sets decibel ratings for work environments.  The Digital Sound Level Meter is calibrated to a NIST standard to accurately measure noise level.  If you have poor nozzles on your air guns or open pipes for blow-offs, you could be violating the OSHA standard 29CFR 1910.95(a), which will result in fines.  EXAIR products are designed to meet this standard. 

Ultrasonic Leak Detector:   Many compressed air systems have leaks.  If they go unnoticed, this will affect the overall capacity of the compressed air system as well as cost a lot of money.  Leaks can account for one-third of your compressed air output.  The ULD can find these leaks to optimize your system and improve the “health” of your compressor. 

EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter w/ USB Data Logger

Digital Flowmeter:  If you can measure flow, then you can find many ways to optimize.  The Digital Flowmeter is able to display and record the amount of flow that you are using in your compressed air system.  You can also use the Digital Flowmeters to find leaks, diagnose pneumatic problems, and use the recorded information for preventative maintenance.  In comparing EXAIR products to open pipes or competitive products, you can easily see the air savings and easily determine the payback period (which is generally in weeks).  EXAIR does offer options that are wireless, serial, or USB Datalogger types for recording, so, you can continuously monitor your compressed air system 24/7. 

With the Optimization products, you can “service” your compressed air system, so you can get the most from it.  The optimization will save you money, make your system safe, and keep things pneumatically maintained.  If you would like to discuss one or more of these products, you can contact an EXAIR Application Engineer for more details.  We can “pop the hood” and see if we can get more from your system. 

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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