Video Blog: EXAIR’s NEW ATEX Cabinet Coolers are In Stock!

A new addition to the EXAIR line of Cabinet Coolers is the ATEX Compliant Cabinet Cooler. The ATEX NEMA 4 (IP 66) Cabinet Cooler Systems are engineered and approved for use on purged electrical enclosures located in ATEX Zones 2 and 22. The Zone 2 and 22 are for hazardous gases and dust, respectively. These are locations where an explosive atmosphere is not liable to occur during normal operation, or if it does, is only short-lived (such as in the case of foreseeable abnormal operation).

Take a look at the video below introducing these new coolers as well as an understanding of the important considerations for applications that require a cooler of this style:

If you have an application that could require the use of an ATEX Cabinet Cooler, complete a Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide at the link here. We’ll be in contact to help you to determine the correct system for your panel’s conditions.

Tyler Daniel, CCASS

Application Engineer


Twitter: @EXAIR_TD

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