Lower Your Noise Levels and Measure the Results.

Last year, I bought an old pickup to haul firewood.  I got it cheap, but of course, it had a few issues.  Among them were mushy brakes.  A quick inspection revealed a leaky rear brake line which I quickly replaced.  Now a year later, the brakes are starting to get mushy again.  After bleeding them again and going over the entire system, it looks like the master cylinder has come to the end of its useful life as well.  Guess that means a another trip to the parts store is in my future.  Oh well, I love a good challenge.

Have you ever been in this situation?  Perhaps you’ve fixed one problem, only to find another.  Often is the case when a customer replaces a noisy blow off operation with a much quieter, engineered EXAIR nozzle or air knife.  Things become so much quieter, that customers often begin to hear how much louder other operations in the plant are. 

While EXAIR can’t help quiet every noisy operation in your plant, we can help you find them.  Our Sound Level Meter comes calibrated and ready to go.  You’ll quickly be able to track down those loud operations, and sooner be able to identify a solution.  And of course, if it is compressed air related, we’ll help you find a solution.  And like me with the brakes on my truck, you might just find you enjoy the challenge!

Dan Preston
Mechanical Engineer
EXAIR Corporation

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