Don’t Get the Cart Before the Horse

I’ve recently taken up a new hobby – competitive shooting. As with all hobbies it involves $$$. Ammunition is especially expensive. To become competitive requires trigger time and many rounds of ammo. So I got the bright idea of reloading my own. I purchased all the equipment to mold and reload them, then I came to a major roadblock…availablity of lead to melt down.

When I was a kid, I molded fishing sinkers. Service stations were more than glad the give me their old wheel weights. Things have changed since I was a kid. Due to government regulations they have to document them as hazardous waste. Even the scrap yards are reluctant to sell to me. So the moral of the story is to think a project through to its end before executing.

The same moral applies to manufacturing. I am sure some of you have experienced getting a new piece of equipment only to find out that it drained your compressed air system. Someone did not think the project through to its end before committing. Now you are stuck with a piece of capital equipment that you have to find a way to use without shutting down the rest of the plant.

There is an option to consider before buying a new compressor for added capacity.  Installing EXAIR engineered nozzles throughout the plant to reduce wasteful air consumption. These have been proven to dramatically reduce demand on your compressor system.

As an example, an engine plant needed to reduce air consumption on their transfer lines. They acquired a new line from a sister plant and they ran out of air. They replaced all their open pipe and conventional nozzles with EXAIR engineered nozzles. With the newly acquired capacity, they not only were able to run the additional line, but were able to shut down a 100 horsepower air compressor.

EXAIR would like to help you save compressed air too. Give one of our application engineers a call 1-800-903-9247.

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