Keeping The Lights Clean

I recently spoke with a customer who was having an issue inside of their inspection process.  Their inspection  uses CCTV cameras to view the parts as the parts pass in front of sixteen fluorescent light fixtures.   This inspection process is also taking place immediately after a shot blasting booth.  Because of all the blasting the area is quite dusty and the dust is attracted to the protective bulb covers on the lights.   When the dust collects on the lights then it casts a shadow which gives false images to the cameras.  This results in the parts being rejected then the line being shut down to clean the light covers by hand.  The line was not able to operate for even a single eight hour shift without being shut down for cleaning.


The solution was to use a 36″ Super Ion Air Knife System at each light fixture to blow off the cover and eliminate the static on the covers.  This has now been installed and operating on a full scale basis for 4 days without a single need to shut down the line for cleaning.  The only the customer is upset with is that he didn’t find EXAIR sooner.

If you have a static problem year round or any application that is causing you continuous downtime, contact us.

Application Engineer

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