We Love Our Pets

My 110 Pound Buddy

We all love our pets and I for one, am guilty. It is amazing the money we pet owners will spend on our pets. According to the Denver Post, Americans are projected to spend $50.84 billion on pets this year. That is more than Americans spent on  child care ($47 billion).  A neighbor of mine just spent $6,000 for double knee surgery on his 8-year-old German Shepard. Which presents an interesting question; would I do that for my best friend? What would you do? It is the emotional ties to our pets that drives this market.

The pet market is not the only market driven by emotion. Harley Davidson, Apple computer, automakers, farm implements, and others have die-hard followers.  The rational for brand loyalty more than not is just emotional. My dad worked for GM and his brother Chrysler. A couple of beers and they would come to fisticuffs over which had the better car.

EXAIR takes a pragmatic approach to producing and implementing compressed air products. We do not put on a gold-colored finish that only serves as eye candy.  We strive to engineer our products to perform. Performance specifications are actual measured values. We do not play the shell game of presenting consumption values at reduced pressures to get the number we want. All our data is at a consistent 80 PSIG benchmark. It is that commitment that has earned us 26 product awards.

I am an application engineer and would be happy to assist you with your application. Feel free to contact me. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity!

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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