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I was calling a customer this morning to discuss a compressed air application. As the phone was ringing, I had my fingers on the keys, ready to enter the extension when prompted, when, to my surprise, an actual human being answered the phone. I asked for the person I wanted to speak to, and was transferred promptly. When they didn’t pick up, the line rang back to the person who had answered my call, who asked me if I wanted to leave a voice mail message, since the person I was calling was apparently away from the phone. I did indeed, and was connected to their voice mail greeting, where I left my message, hung up, and awaited a call back.

Their voice mail greeting was the first…and only…thing I heard that wasn’t a live human being during the whole call, and I had to wonder how long it had been since I had made a phone call and not experienced at least some degree of automation. I completely understand the efficiency of an automated attendant, and if you have your party’s extension number, you can very likely reach them just as quickly as if an actual operator was transferring your call to them, but I still feel that there’s a lot to be said for the personal feel of speaking with real people.

We pride ourselves on our personal interactions with customers at EXAIR Corporation. Just like the call I made this morning, if you call EXAIR during normal business hours, you’re not going to get someone’s voice mail unless you ask a real human being to transfer you to it.

That said, I like technology as much as the next person, and have been known to participate in Live Chats with technical representatives at companies that I’m doing business with. This is another area where we shine. If you request a Live Chat with an EXAIR Application Engineer, your average wait time is a matter of a few seconds (yes; we do indeed track that.)

Your Live Chat request will receive immediate attention, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.
Your Live Chat request will receive immediate attention, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

Another thing we’ve been doing from time to time is web meetings. If you want to really get an engineer in touch with their internal geek, there’s nothing better than sharing your 3D layout on their computer screen, incorporating solid models of components that they’re emailing to you (or that you’re downloading from their website) in real time.  Call us to set something up.

Of course, we still take full advantage of the ability to email photos, videos, drawings, etc., and are committed to providing you with our prompt attention there. You can submit these to techelp@exair.com, or you can send them to a particular Application Engineer, if it’s something one of us has already been made familiar with.

Bottom line: if you’ve got questions about compressed air use, or how EXAIR products can make life easier for you, your answers are never far away.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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