Super Air Amplifier Removes Unwanted Scrap Material

EXAIR Super Air Amplifier used for scrap material removal

A few months ago I wrote a blog about using a Super Air Amplifier to remove film from an application workspace and direct it to a waste container.  Earlier this week I had a different end user contact me about a very similar application.

An image of the complete setup in this application

In this application the Super Air Amplifiers are used in an automotive manufacturing facility to direct scrap material from car doors into the large bags below each station.  The scrap material is lightweight and proves to be problematic if not fed into a contained system.

The bags where the scrap material is collected

This particular customer was in need of some assistance to duplicate their existing setup, shown in the photos above, into four more workstations.  So, they reached out to us to confirm the model number of the units (which have been “working perfectly”) based on dimensions.

Snip of dims
Dimensions of the units in place; used to determine model number

Using the provided dimensions I was able to confirm the model number is 120022, our 2” Super Air Amplifier.  After confirming this I was able to provide a quotation for the requested Super Air Amplifiers, available to ship from stock.

If you have a similar application or think an EXAIR product may be able to help solve an application problem in your facility, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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