Easy To Do Business With, Easy To Reach

I was calling a customer this morning to discuss a compressed air application. As the phone was ringing, I had my fingers on the keys, ready to enter the extension when prompted, when, to my surprise, an actual human being answered the phone. I asked for the person I wanted to speak to, and was transferred promptly. When they didn’t pick up, the line rang back to the person who had answered my call, who asked me if I wanted to leave a voice mail message, since the person I was calling was apparently away from the phone. I did indeed, and was connected to their voice mail greeting, where I left my message, hung up, and awaited a call back.

Their voice mail greeting was the first…and only…thing I heard that wasn’t a live human being during the whole call, and I had to wonder how long it had been since I had made a phone call and not experienced at least some degree of automation. I completely understand the efficiency of an automated attendant, and if you have your party’s extension number, you can very likely reach them just as quickly as if an actual operator was transferring your call to them, but I still feel that there’s a lot to be said for the personal feel of speaking with real people.

We pride ourselves on our personal interactions with customers at EXAIR Corporation. Just like the call I made this morning, if you call EXAIR during normal business hours, you’re not going to get someone’s voice mail unless you ask a real human being to transfer you to it.

That said, I like technology as much as the next person, and have been known to participate in Live Chats with technical representatives at companies that I’m doing business with. This is another area where we shine. If you request a Live Chat with an EXAIR Application Engineer, your average wait time is a matter of a few seconds (yes; we do indeed track that.)

Your Live Chat request will receive immediate attention, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.
Your Live Chat request will receive immediate attention, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

Another thing we’ve been doing from time to time is web meetings. If you want to really get an engineer in touch with their internal geek, there’s nothing better than sharing your 3D layout on their computer screen, incorporating solid models of components that they’re emailing to you (or that you’re downloading from their website) in real time.  Call us to set something up.

Of course, we still take full advantage of the ability to email photos, videos, drawings, etc., and are committed to providing you with our prompt attention there. You can submit these to techelp@exair.com, or you can send them to a particular Application Engineer, if it’s something one of us has already been made familiar with.

Bottom line: if you’ve got questions about compressed air use, or how EXAIR products can make life easier for you, your answers are never far away.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Excellent Customer Service Is The Only Way To Live

I have recently had a few dealings with other companies recently which has left me with two reactions: 1) How they are still in business? and 2) They really have their customer service running well.  The first company was, of course, a large conglomerate that provides our home internet service. The second company was a web-based company providing clothes dryer repair parts.


So the first company, it is a local supplier of internet service.   I called to try and upgrade my service to higher speeds and see when I could get it changed.   I have had their service for over 8 years and haven’t had a whole lot of issues with them, everything has been pretty good.   That is until I tried to use their live chat feature on the website where I was told one price for the service, I then questioned why that price didn’t match the one on their site and was told in order to get that price I would need to call a certain number and speak with a representative.   I thanked the person and made the call.  It took me about 15 minutes or so to get to an actual human and then ended up the price still wasn’t the same and got a little run around on features, so I decided I would look at competitive service.

I spoke to their competitor in my area, which was very straightforward with pricing and answered every question I had directly and gave me a very speedy installation date of the next day, but were about 5 dollars more expensive.  So I called my current provider back and got yet another different price but did finally get some straight answers… and then we got to the installation date – 3 weeks out.   I asked if the fact I was a long-standing customer that was upgrading mattered and found out that is actually hurt my installation date.   Since I was merely an upgrade it was extremely low ranking, but if I signed up for additional services then I would get someone to install it within 3 days. When I expressed my concern for this practice I was greeted with silence and sorry that is just how it is followed by when would you like me to schedule this.

So, needless to say, I contacted their competitor, laid everything out and got the service installed the next day, today I call to cancel my existing service and will hopefully never have to look back.   The moral of the story here is, even though I was a long-standing customer the provider saw no merit in that and actually ranked me even lower than a new account.   They were very cumbersome in how they answered questions which left me feeling uncomfortable and I couldn’t get even the same bad answer from the three different people I spoke with.   Ultimately I left them as a customer and am glad to be with another provider.

As for the second instance, I needed to fix the clothes dryer because it was making some funny noises.   So I took a few pieces off, moved stuff around, didn’t see a whole lot wrong and put it back together.   It started making the noise again so I gave it “The Fonz” treatment (hit it hard) and all was good.   The next time I went to dry something my wife then accused me of not starting the dryer because everything was still wet.   I took a look into it yet again and this time I took the dryer all the way apart thanks to an informal video from the manufacturer. The problem seemed to be some bad preventative maintenance on my part and hair/lint wrapping around a roller guide which cause the  roller to stop and the drum to start going slower, as well as a lot of burnt crud around the heating element. So then the parts search began.   I found a company online whose site was easy to navigate, had lots of pictures, even used their live chat which I got quick responses from, and even found videos of how to fix the exact problem I was having.  So I ordered the parts late at night on Monday, their site showed in stock and shipping the next day.   Tuesday I end up getting a confirmation that the parts will be shipped.  Wednesday I received the parts as well as a follow-up e-mail confirming that the parts had been delivered.


The moral of this interaction as a customer is that I experienced what I hope our customers at EXAIR experience everyday.   All the information I needed was in one place and easy to find,  all the parts were in stock, I got quick responses that were truthful, and in the end even after I ordered the part  I still got great customer service.  Needless to say I have bookmarked their site and will be returning.

Here at EXAIR, you don’t get greeted by a robot when you call during business hours, you get greeted by a human.  We do our best to ensure all information you need is accessible from our site, as well as back that support up with our Application Engineering staff being available by phone, e-mail, chat, fax, visits to EXAIR, and even mail if need be.   Then if you decide to order something from us, if it is standard stock, we ship it same day as long as we get the order by 3 PM EST and are shipping within the United States.  Then, we offer helpful videos, as well as support after you have made your purchase.  On top of all that, we stand behind our products with a 30 day guarantee and a 5 year built to last warranty.

30 Day Guarantee

So no matter how small a project you have, or if you are having any issues with your existing supplier for compressed air products, contact us and see if you notice a difference.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer Manager