Need to Cool Tooling but Limited On Compressed Air? Consider the Mini Cooler

I recently had a chat conversation with a customer who was looking to cool the tooling on his CNC router, mill and lathe in his small machine shop. During the machining process, as the tooling would begin to heat up, it would warp the bit, causing irregularities in the finished product. In some cases the tooling was getting so hot, it would actually break, creating a safety concern.

He had reviewed some of our cooling products and was thinking of using our Cold Gun in the application but was concerned with the air demand. The Cold Gun consumes 15 SCFM @ 100 PSIG and provides a 50°F temperature drop (from supply temperature) with 1,000 Btu/hr. of cooling capacity. The problem was that his compressor only produces a little over 9 SCFM. I explained that the existing compressor would in fact be undersized as it doesn’t produce enough volume to keep up with the demand of the Cold Gun.

Model 3808 Mini Cooler System with Single Point Hose Kit, includes swivel magnetic base and filter separator to remove moisture and particulate from the air supply.

Due to the limited amount of compressed air available, our Mini Cooler System, Model # 3808, would be the better solution. The Mini Cooler also provides a 50°F temperature drop with a little less cooling power, 550 Btu/hr., but this system only requires 8 SCFM @ 100 PSIG, falling within the existing compressor’s output capacity. The Mini Cooler also includes a magnetic base as well as flexible tubing to direct the cold air to the desired location, making it easy to move from machine to machine.

The Mini Cooler is the ideal solution for small tool or part cooling, with minimal air consumption.

If you are considering an EXAIR product for an application or have additional questions about performance, contact an application engineer for assistance in making the best selection.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer




Communication Is Key

Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill and learning how each of us can improve our communication is beneficial to all. Communication is a two way process, so improving communication involves both how we deliver and listen to the message. To best service our customers, EXAIR has many ways to share and receive information.

There are the standard methods, of course, that have been around for years.  Phone and fax are still very useful, and everyone has noticed that fax is slowly becoming less utilized. As dreaded as it may be, email is certainly a valuable way to communicate, especially as it allows ‘attachments’ such as photos, which as the saying goes, are definitely worth a thousand words. If video or 3D models are exchanged I am certain the number of words increases.

The newest technology for communication is via ‘chat’ which can be accessed from the EXAIR website. Here, you can chat with an Application Engineer and do something as simple as confirming a part number to something more involved like sizing a Cabinet Cooler System.

Chat Live with an Engineer ‘Button’

The US Postal System is still a valuable communication tool, as we send out the EXAIR Catalog (currently volume No. 30) and the EXAIR-Mail (Number 109/Fall 2016 issue just went out), and some Purchase Orders still are dropped off by the Postman.

Another method of communication is face to face.  We have what we call the ‘Demo Room’ here at the factory in Cincinnati, OH.  In this room, we have every type of our Intelligent Compressed Air Products, in just about every size offered, ready for demonstration and testing to your application.  We’ve had visitors from all over the world come in and share face to face their applications and collaborate with us and test out the EXAIR solution.


There is also the EXAIR website, where we provide a plethora of information regarding the EXAIR product lines, CAD and PDF librariesCase StudiesPresentations, and the Video Library just to name a few.  Also, here is where you can Request a Catalog, Sign up for E-News, and Check List Pricing.

Lastly, and since you are reading this you already are familiar with the EXAIR Blog – a great way for us to share with you our musings and thoughts, in a way that makes it a personal take on the EXAIR products and our interactions with our customers.


Effective communication is very important to us and what we do here every day.  Feel free to utilize one or more of the Contact Us tools to communicate with us and we’ll be in touch!

Brian Bergmann
Application Engineer

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Easy To Do Business With, Easy To Reach

I was calling a customer this morning to discuss a compressed air application. As the phone was ringing, I had my fingers on the keys, ready to enter the extension when prompted, when, to my surprise, an actual human being answered the phone. I asked for the person I wanted to speak to, and was transferred promptly. When they didn’t pick up, the line rang back to the person who had answered my call, who asked me if I wanted to leave a voice mail message, since the person I was calling was apparently away from the phone. I did indeed, and was connected to their voice mail greeting, where I left my message, hung up, and awaited a call back.

Their voice mail greeting was the first…and only…thing I heard that wasn’t a live human being during the whole call, and I had to wonder how long it had been since I had made a phone call and not experienced at least some degree of automation. I completely understand the efficiency of an automated attendant, and if you have your party’s extension number, you can very likely reach them just as quickly as if an actual operator was transferring your call to them, but I still feel that there’s a lot to be said for the personal feel of speaking with real people.

We pride ourselves on our personal interactions with customers at EXAIR Corporation. Just like the call I made this morning, if you call EXAIR during normal business hours, you’re not going to get someone’s voice mail unless you ask a real human being to transfer you to it.

That said, I like technology as much as the next person, and have been known to participate in Live Chats with technical representatives at companies that I’m doing business with. This is another area where we shine. If you request a Live Chat with an EXAIR Application Engineer, your average wait time is a matter of a few seconds (yes; we do indeed track that.)

Your Live Chat request will receive immediate attention, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.
Your Live Chat request will receive immediate attention, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

Another thing we’ve been doing from time to time is web meetings. If you want to really get an engineer in touch with their internal geek, there’s nothing better than sharing your 3D layout on their computer screen, incorporating solid models of components that they’re emailing to you (or that you’re downloading from their website) in real time.  Call us to set something up.

Of course, we still take full advantage of the ability to email photos, videos, drawings, etc., and are committed to providing you with our prompt attention there. You can submit these to, or you can send them to a particular Application Engineer, if it’s something one of us has already been made familiar with.

Bottom line: if you’ve got questions about compressed air use, or how EXAIR products can make life easier for you, your answers are never far away.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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