Communication Is Key

Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill and learning how each of us can improve our communication is beneficial to all. Communication is a two way process, so improving communication involves both how we deliver and listen to the message. To best service our customers, EXAIR has many ways to share and receive information.

There are the standard methods, of course, that have been around for years.  Phone and fax are still very useful, and everyone has noticed that fax is slowly becoming less utilized. As dreaded as it may be, email is certainly a valuable way to communicate, especially as it allows ‘attachments’ such as photos, which as the saying goes, are definitely worth a thousand words. If video or 3D models are exchanged I am certain the number of words increases.

The newest technology for communication is via ‘chat’ which can be accessed from the EXAIR website. Here, you can chat with an Application Engineer and do something as simple as confirming a part number to something more involved like sizing a Cabinet Cooler System.

Chat Live with an Engineer ‘Button’

The US Postal System is still a valuable communication tool, as we send out the EXAIR Catalog (currently volume No. 30) and the EXAIR-Mail (Number 109/Fall 2016 issue just went out), and some Purchase Orders still are dropped off by the Postman.

Another method of communication is face to face.  We have what we call the ‘Demo Room’ here at the factory in Cincinnati, OH.  In this room, we have every type of our Intelligent Compressed Air Products, in just about every size offered, ready for demonstration and testing to your application.  We’ve had visitors from all over the world come in and share face to face their applications and collaborate with us and test out the EXAIR solution.


There is also the EXAIR website, where we provide a plethora of information regarding the EXAIR product lines, CAD and PDF librariesCase StudiesPresentations, and the Video Library just to name a few.  Also, here is where you can Request a Catalog, Sign up for E-News, and Check List Pricing.

Lastly, and since you are reading this you already are familiar with the EXAIR Blog – a great way for us to share with you our musings and thoughts, in a way that makes it a personal take on the EXAIR products and our interactions with our customers.


Effective communication is very important to us and what we do here every day.  Feel free to utilize one or more of the Contact Us tools to communicate with us and we’ll be in touch!

Brian Bergmann
Application Engineer

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Baseball, Statistics, and Case Studies

Misfortune struck at the ballpark last night. One of my 13-year-old son’s teammates broke his ankle sliding into third base. He’s a great player, so he was (and will be) missed on the field, and he’s a great guy, so he was missed in the dugout as well. I fully expect to see him in the dugout at this Saturday’s game, though, cast and all…that’s just how great ball players – and great guys – are.

This leaves the team with a space to fill for another pitcher; one that my son is interested in pursuing. He’s only been playing Knothole Baseball for three years now, and most of these guys started six or seven years ago, in Tee Ball. But that’s not deterring him from pursuing advancement on the “learning curve,” and, if he applies himself like I’ve seen him do in just about every other area of his life, he can do this, and do it well.

Most everyone who’s familiar with baseball to any degree knows that it’s a game of numbers. There are, and always have been, recorded statistics for games played, batting averages, on base percentages, strike-outs, walks, and the list goes on…and on…and on. So, whoever gets that pitching job on the team, we’ll know how well he performed, to the second decimal point (that’s the degree of precision that Earned Run Averages, or ERA’s, are calculated to) by the end of the season.

At EXAIR, we’re interested in tracking performance as well. Our products have always been subjected to controlled, verifiable testing, and, depending on the product, we publish these values for air consumption, flow, velocity, force, vacuum, static dissipation, and the list goes on…and on. We even tested our Line Vacs for conveyance rate using several different materials, at several different conveyance lengths/heights, so that we could offer a ballpark estimate, for comparison’s sake, to just about any bulk solids conveyance application you can come up with.

We also have a Case Study Program: if you have an application that ANY of our products may be able to improve, and you’re willing to collect and share data with us to quantify those improvements, we’ll provide something in return.  If you’re interested, give us a call. If we can provide a solution to your application, save you some money, and publish a Case Study from it, I can’t think of anything sweeter, except maybe seeing a certain young man back on the field with his team as soon as his ankle will allow it. Heal quickly, #14…your team, and all their fans, are pulling for you.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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