Never Use an Electric Vacuum Again, Here’s why…

EXAIR, has the right industrial vacuum. We have multiple options for you, based upon your facility needs. If dust, dirt, debris, chips, or flakes are a by product of you making your product, you need to keep reading…

Here are some highlights that illustrate how our products are better than any electric vacuum, or motorized vacuum you could purchase. You do not need electricity, There are no moving parts. Ours are quieter than electric alternatives. There is no risk of electrocution, shock, or a motor breakdown. As long as you can blow air, you can suck dirt… There is a joke in there somewhere :)

Let’s face it, industrial facilities get dirty. Dust, flakes, chips, can and do, get everywhere. Once these dry materials become airborne, a clean house can be difficult to maintain, especially if you do not have, or are not using the right equipment.

There is a lot of “wrong” equipment on the market. Let me ask you a simple question. If your facility has a compressed air system, why would you choose to use any equipment that does not optimize the air that you have, increase safety levels, reduce noise, and never break down? I hear story after story of broken down electric vacuums. Some of these, especially in todays world, take weeks or months to get parts to repair. Oh wait – to repair?, yeah because the motors get clogged with the same dirt you are trying to clean out of your facility, the motor clogs and performs poorly or simply burns out all together. Filters fail, belts break – sometimes we just have to face the fact that we made a bad decision and went with that undependable electric option.

At EXAIR we have 4 solid products that will help you clean up the dry messes in your facility and or machines. We have very detailed blogs on each of these 4 products (links provided below), so I am going to highlight each of these options for you so that you can quickly determine which is best for you. Click on that blog and then call us with your order :)

Here are a few important features that each product has in common:

  1. 80-100 PSIG is needed for optimal performance with each system
  2. No Electricity needed
  3. No moving parts to break
  4. No motor to repair
  5. 1.5″ vacuum hose (standard is 10 ft long)
    • Inter changeable tools form one system to another
    • Static resistant hose available
  6. Designed to fit on standard 55 gallon drums (5, 30, and 110 gallon drum options are available on certain models).
  7. All have filters for dust / debris – most have options for the level of filtration required.
  8. Quieter than comparable electric vacuums.
Not that it’s particularly difficult to change the filter in my trusty shop vac, but this is indeed an “Easy Switch”, simplified option.

EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac (blog) This is our only vac option that can be used for both wet and dry applications. Simply add the filter to Dry vac, remove it to wet vac. The beauty of this, is that it only takes about 10 seconds to insert or remove the filter. Vacuum power is between 168 and 210 inches of water!!! (depending on psig inlet pressure). This has a standard or HEPA certified filter option. The Easy Switch only comes in 55 gallon size – use your drum or ours!!!

Chip Vac (blog) This beauty vacuums directly into an open drum. This is primarily a dry vacuum. It is designed to pick up chips from fixtures, floors, lathes, saws, mills, and many other industrial equipment. When I say mostly dry, this will pick up wet chips – but is not the best solution for puddles of liquid (we have other options for this). Designed to run at 80 PSIG. Comes in 5 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon and 110 gallon options.

EXAIR’s Heavy Duty Dry Vacs turn ordinary drums into high powered, rugged industrial vacuum systems.

Heavy Duty Dry Vac (blog) This could also be called a Heavy Duty Chip Vac (30, 55, and 110 gallon options). This will be used for the heavier chips, sand, steel shot, basically anything with heavier weight or that is more abrasive. The hardened alloy construction of the Vac will be a powerhouse for years to come. The vacuum rate comparison table (below) shows the difference in lift and power between this and the Standard Chip Vac.

Heavy Duty HEPA Vac (blog) offers you high capacity cleaning in a dusty environment. With a HEPA certified filter, this beast is ready to tackle your dirtiest and dustiest environment that requires frequent cleaning. This will attach to any 30, 55, or 110 gallon drum, and will bounce from drum to drum (same size) with ease.

Whatever your dry vac needs are, one of these options will be perfect for you. Don’t forget we have several wet options as well, but that is for another blog. Please give myself, or any of the application engineers a call today to discuss your Industrial Housekeeping needs.

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