A Bachelor Life Weekend

So this past  weekend began early for me.  A little while after I left for work last Friday,  my Wife and daughters embarked on a 10 hour journey with my mother and niece to visit some family.  It’s a little different because I am normally the one that is leaving to go to track days.  (Which can also be considered bachelor weekends).

The first thing I thought of was this scene from the classic Risky Business.

Of course, I immediately tried to think of all the things I want to do with the time.  The problem was, I have about 150 hours of projects that I wanted to do and really only had about 48 hours to do so. That being said, I had to prioritize and decide what would be best to do with the time that is given. Sleep, as unfortunate as it may sound, was first on my priority list. Sleep was quickly crossed off the list as a friend arranged to show up by 8:00 am to work on our motorcycles. I ultimately settled on making sure I didn’t miss my favorite meal that my family doesn’t care for – a gyro from Sebastians.

What it boiled down to is the fact that I only had so many hours in the day to get the projects done and when the dead line hit I needed to have the most important ones done.  The key point is to prioritize, much like the Six Steps To Optimizing Your Compress Air System does.

6 steps

My personal priority list looked like this:

1. Measure the consumption of frozen foods and fast foods one can consume in a weekend.

2. Find and Fix the leaking faucets in the bathtub.

3. Upgrade to being aggravated with plumbing and go blow off some steam.

4. Turn off all the lights in the house for the entire weekend.

5. Re-purpose some lumber to create storage in my garage.

6. Control the air temperature in my house to save a little more money.

Yeah it was a great weekend, but they can come home any time now…

Brian Farno
Application Engineer