FREE Vac-U-Gun Offer!

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog titled, Spring Cleaning All Around, outlining just a few of the many  features of our Industrial Housekeeping Products. All of these products are compressed air operated, have no moving parts and require no electricity, making them a safe and virtually maintenance free option for industrial clean up.

We are currently running a promotional offer, where if you purchase one of these products by May 31, 2015, we will include a FREE Vac-U-Gun, a $98 Value!!! (Use the promotional model number within the promo to receive the offer).

Vac-U-Gun Promo
Just click the photo for the promotional Model #

The Vac-u-Gun can be used as a blow gun, vacuum or for product transfer. Using only 13 SCFM @ 80 PSIG of compressed air, the unit produces a high output airflow on one end and creates a vacuum on the other end. In blow off mode, the unit provides 9 ounces of high velocity, forceful airflow. By changing the orientation of the nozzle insert, the unit can be converted into vacuum mode, producing -29.5″ H20 vacuum, use the bag attachment for general clean up. The output end can be connected to an 1-1/4″ smooth bore hose, allowing for the transferring of dry media. Again, there are no moving parts or electricity required to operate, so you get the convenience of 3 separate tools all in one single, safe hand held device!

Vac-u-Gun orientation
Simply change the nozzle insert orientation to quickly change between blowoff mode or vacuum mode.

Of course, if you need any assistance with selecting the right Industrial Housekeeping Product, you can always contact an application engineer.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

Dual Promotions in December

In case you haven’t seen our tweets, our website or e-news; we are currently running two promotional offers.  We decided that December is a month of giving and so we better make sure our customers receive a little something extra.

The first promo…  Receive a FREE Soft Grip Safety Air Gun w/ Super Air Knife purchases.  When you decrease your air consumption by replacing that pipe with drilled holes or manifold of nozzles with a Super Air Knife, you will receive a Free model 1210 Soft Grip Safety Air Gun w/ 1100 Super Air Nozzle.  You do have to use the promotional part numbers so follow the link below in order to get to the right information pages.


The second promo is based on our extremely popular Cold Gun Aircoolant System.   Now through the month of December, purchase any Cold Gun Aircoolant System with a single point cold outlet and receive a free dual point hose kit as well.  The dual point hose kit expands the area you are able to cool or is best for larger diameter tools. Once again, you do need to use the promotional part numbers so follow the link in the picture below.


Both of these promotions are valid through December 31st, 2014.  If you have any questions on how you can use any of the items mentioned, feel free to give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer


Promo’s: Everybody Loves Free Stuff

I have been wanting to purchase a pair of good quality headphones for a while now and with vacation coming next week, I figured now was a good time to make my purchase. I was pretty set on the manufacturer but the tough choice for me was going to be if I wanted a set of earbuds (that fit directly in the ear) or a more traditional pair of “over the ear” headphones. smiley_face_headphones_tshirt-d23545082320430684226v7p_325I tried about 4 different pairs of over the ear units to see what the quality of sound was versus the feel/comfort and was pleasantly surprised but was still leaning towards earbuds. Unfortunately, due to health/cleanliness issues, you aren’t allowed to try on earbuds – which makes sense. So if I was going to go the earbud route I wanted to make sure I had all my questions answered so I decided to get a salesperson to assist me.

We went over features/benefits but this only made me question myself more. Seeing that I was struggling with a decision, the salesperson decided to make my choice a little easier – he mentioned that his store, along with the manufacturer, were offering a free promo but only if I purchased a set of earbuds (at a certain price of course). Due to the sound quality and trusted manufacturer, I was leaning towards a set of earbuds anyway, but hey – who doesn’t love FREE stuff? What they were offering was a free carrying case (not really free since it was already in the box), a free 2 year service agreement ($37 value) and a $25 gift card to their store.

Of course, I took advantage of their offer and made the purchase. After listening to the earbuds while I finished my packing, I couldn’t be happier with my selection.

At EXAIR, we occasionally run promotional offers too. From now through September 30th, 2014, if you purchase one of our Precision Safety Air Guns, Soft Grip Safety Air Guns or our Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns (with or without an Aluminum extension), you will receive a FREE Chip Shield.

Free Chip Shield Promo
The polycarbonate Chip Shield, meeting OSHA 1910-242(b) for compressed air use, offers the operator safe and smart protection from flying debris as well as any splashing. Not to mention that all of our Safety Air Guns incorporate one of our Engineered Super Air Nozzles that meet or exceed the same OSHA standard and reduce air consumption and sound level.

This offer is good for all three models of our Safety Air Guns:

  • Durable, Lightweight, Precision Airflow – The Precision Safety Air Gun is a small ergonomic gun good for light duty cleaning or blowoff and fits well in smaller hands. It also has a strong focused blast of air capable of reaching into tight spaces.
  • Versatile, Industrial Duty, Most Popular – The Soft Grip Safety Air Gun is our most popular gun cast from aluminum with a comfortable four finger trigger to reduce fatigue over long periods. A large variety of air nozzle options provides a solution for light to heavy duty blowoff applications.
  • Powerful, Rugged, Robust – The Heavy Duty Safety Air Gun is the powerhouse you need for the harshest environments and stubborn blowoff applications. It is outfitted with many of our most powerful nozzles to provide the highest force upon your application.

To learn more about this offer, please visit our website or if you have a specific application you would like to discuss, give us a call at 1-800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


New Month, New Year, New Promo!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Well, at my house, the celebrations have been the same for about the past three years.  No one else comes over. My wife and I get the kids to bed, we sit and watch several different channels until the ball drops, and then we are asleep by 12:30.   Good thing is we wake up feeling refreshed and, normally, we don’t have any ” flu like” symptoms, (also known to many as a hangover).  Then we go about the day just like it is any other day of the year.

With the new year, however, comes great things here at EXAIR.   The best of which, at least for this month, is our new promo that we are currently running.   For the entire month of January, 2014, buy any EXAIR Static Eliminator from the link below, and receive a FREE AC Sensor.  That’s a $49.00 value, for free.


The AC sensor could have really come in handy when I was replacing a wall outlet over the weekend and thought I had turned the right breaker off.  Sadly enough, rookie mistake, I didn’t test it and got shocked.

If you have any questions on the full line of EXAIR Static Eliminators or which one is right for your application, feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Movember Is Awesome!

In case you don’t know, today is the first day of Movember.  This is a month that some men decide to start with a clean-shaven face and grow out the mustache until the end of November to help raise awareness for prostate/testicular cancer. I, sadly, I am not participating this year, mainly because I am afraid my one-year-old daughter wouldn’t know who I am without a beard and my three-year-old would most likely want me to grow it back…immediately.  I grew my beard a couple years ago to help celebrate Movember and I liked it enough to keep it. But here is a link to a couple of my past Movember shenanigans. To give you some idea on what Movember is about, check the video below.

So that is one way that the month of November is awesome.  Here at EXAIR we like to celebrate November as well.  That’s right, we have not only made this month better one way, but two.  How you may ask?  First, we have extended the Safety Air Gun promotion which offers a free Chip Shield with the purchase of select Safety Air Guns.   The picture below is a link to that promotion.

Chip Shield Promo

Second, today marks the first day of our Super Air Knife promotion.   When you purchase a Super Air Knife and use the promotion from the link below, you will receive a free Soft Grip Safety Air Gun.

Super Air Knife Promo

So not only is November raising awareness on men’s health, but EXAIR is giving you two more reasons to like this month, a FREE Chip Shield with Safety Air Gun purchase and/or a FREE Soft Grip Safety Air Gun when purchasing a Super Air Knife.  If you have any questions on the promo’s or your compressed air system, feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer