Order An Industrial Vacuum System Through 5/31/18 And Receive A Free Vac-u-Gun

From now through May 31, 2018, we are offering a FREE Vac-u-Gun with any order for one of our Industrial Housekeeping Vacuum Systems. The Vac-u-Gun is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to vacuum or transfer material from one location to another or it can be used as a powerful blow gun to clean debris off of the surface of a part or workstation. There is no electricity required to operate and no moving parts to wear out, providing for a safe, maintenance free operation.

Change from a vacuum gun to a blow gun in a matter of seconds!

When choosing one of our vacuums, selection can be simplified depending on what type of media you are needing to pickup. Our systems are going to be either solids handling or liquid handling.

Our Chip Vac Systems are the ideal choice when looking to vacuum dry or damp debris left over from machining operations and delivers them to a standard open top steel drum. For more abrasive material, such as sand or steel shot used in sandblasting processes, the Heavy Duty Dry Vac provides superior wear resistance due to it’s proprietary hardened alloy construction.

If you are looking to vacuum liquids we offer our Reversible Drum Vac and High LIft Reversible Drum Vac providing higher suction lift, up to 180″ H2O.

Our Chip Trapper and High Lift Chip Trapper are also used in liquid applications but these systems incorporate a filter bag inside the drum to capture any suspended solids in the liquid so only clean fluid is pumped back into the reservoir or tank.

In dusty applications we offer the Heavy Duty HEPA Vac which uses the same vacuum as the HD Dry Vac but this system provides a higher level of filtration meeting HEPA requirements of 99.97% filtration at the 0.3 micron level.

All of these products are In-Stock, Ready To Ship.

To take advantage of the offer, you need to order using the promotional Model number. Ordering is easy – you can email the order to orders@exair.com or place your order online at www.EXAIR.com. If you’d rather place your order over the phone or have any technical questions about our products, you can call us at 800-903-9247 and one of our reps will be happy to assist.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

The Value Of Free Stuff…Sometimes, It’s Actually Worth The Price

I visited my doctor recently for my annual check-up. During the exam, he lamented that a lot of his patients didn’t take the importance of preventive care seriously enough. I joked that I’m actually one of those people, but since my health care insurance covers an annual check-up at no charge to me, I do it simply because I’m a sucker for free stuff. Again, I was JOKING…I firmly believe in the importance of preventive health care, and strongly encourage you, dear reader, to do the same and get annual check-ups.

Well, I was HALF joking, anyway…I AM a sucker for free stuff. In fact, my doctor and I went on to talk about how effective free stuff (like t-shirts) was at getting consumers to sign up for new credit cards, magazine subscriptions, etc. We had a good laugh, and I kept laughing…until I got home and looked in my t-shirt drawer…

Of course, these kinds of promotions can be great advertising – that’s obviously why they’re so popular, and at EXAIR, we’re keenly aware of that. Now, you can’t wear our free stuff for everyone to see, but, in the case of our current seasonal promotion, you can get something very useful for free:

Through May 31st, we’re so intent on helping you get into Spring Cleaning mode that, with the purchase of one of our Industrial Vacuums, we’ll give you a FREE Vac-u-Gun. VACpromo_186x149 How can an efficient, quiet compressed air operated Industrial Vacuum help get your spring cleaning into full swing?  If you need help answering that question, give me a call.  They’re all in stock, and we ship same day (U.S.) with orders received by 3pm EST.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Money For Nothing

The Bowman household is cutting expenses…we’re not in a financial crisis or anything; we just want to have money to spend on stuff other than what we’re spending it on now, and we’ve decided to fund new expenses by shedding current ones. It’s as much about priorities as it is about money, but I won’t lie…it feels good, having money at the end of the month, as opposed to having month at the end of the money.

We pulled the plug on cable TV this weekend, and hooked our TV up to this peculiar steel wire contraption up on the roof…apparently, our ancestors had some long-forgotten form of wireless technology, and it still works! We get about 50 channels (which was impressive, as I was expecting no more than a dozen, max), as opposed to the hundreds we had with cable, but curiously, we’ve found the same number of channels that are actually worth watching as we had with cable.

I called our cellular phone service provider as well, to determine if we were on the least expensive plan that still met our needs.  As it turns out, we are.  The Customer Service Representative, however, said I might be eligible for a promotion that could save me $10/month or so for the length of the promotion – she wasn’t sure what that was, so I was transferred to another representative. THAT person said I wasn’t eligible for the promotion. I just said “easy come, easy go,” and we took a moment to joke about people who might get irate about not getting something – for free –  that they didn’t have before they called. As we talked, she found that there WAS a promotion I was eligible for: instead of the $10/month promotional credit on ONE line, she found one that gave me a $10/month credit on EACH of our THREE lines for a couple of months. Seems you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. And sixty bucks is sixty bucks…honey well spent.

Also on my soon-to-call list are my mortgage company and insurance agent. I haven’t talked to him since my last claim-related issue, but on the other hand, it’s been years since we talked…I’m optimistic.

If you’re looking to free up some household budget, I hope my stories might be helpful to you. If you’re ahead of me, feel free to share how you’re doing. It’s a good day when we all learn something, right?

However, if you’re looking to free up some compressed air system “budget,” EXAIR can help, for sure. We can start with our Optimization product line, and maybe even talk about the Six Steps To Optimizing Your Compressed Air System. If you’re using open-end pipe blowoffs, let’s talk about Super Air Nozzles. Or Air Knives. Or Air Amplifiers.

Lastly, if you’re shopping for an Industrial Vacuum, and don’t mind free stuff, we’re giving away Vac-u-Guns with Industrial Vacuum purchases through the end of May.  Just the latest in a long line of promotions; don’t forget to check back later and see what the summer promotion might bring…for free.

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Blog: https://blog.exair.com/
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