Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles Selection

If you follow along with our blog, you will notice that we have recently published a few entries relating to our Atomizing Nozzles. Today, I would like to continue this trend and focus on our Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles.

When recommending an Atomizing Nozzle for a particular process, we try to obtain as much “general” information as possible about the application, such as:

  • What type of spray pattern do you need?
  • How wide of an area needs to be covered?
  • What kind of flow rate needs to be achieved?
  • Is the liquid source pressurized?
  • What is the viscosity of the liquid?

While all of this information is going to help simplify the selection process, when we get a reply that the liquid isn’t pressurized, the choice becomes a little less complicated.

Our Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles are the preferred solution in applications where a pressurized liquid source isn’t available. With a steady supply of compressed air, these nozzles are able to draw the liquid into the nozzle with suction heights up to 36″ for our 1/8″ NPT and 1/4″ NPT nozzles, and up to 24″ for our larger 1/2″ NPT Models. They can also be gravity fed as well.

1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ FNPT Sizes Available

These nozzles mix the fluid internally and are capable of handling viscosity up to 200 centipoise. Depending on the size of the nozzle and supply air pressure, flow rates can range from 0.4 GPH up to 60 GPH with either a round or flat fan spray pattern. There is also an adjusting valve for more or less liquid flow as needed to fit the demand of the application.

We also offer these nozzles with our patented No Drip feature which positively stops the liquid flow when the supply air pressure drops below 30 PSIG, eliminating the need for any additional valves or supply lines.

1/2″ NPT No Drip Model # SR6010SS

If you have an application requiring a fine mist of atomized liquid, give me a call at 800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

EXAIR Welcomes Our French Distributor Kermaz Pneumatic

L to R: Lee Evans, Neal Raker, Lionel Barbat, Ivan Banks

EXAIR is pleased to host Lionel Barbat of Kermaz Pneumatic, the distributor of EXAIR products in France.  Mr. Barbat has made the journey to visit with us for product training and to see the new developments of EXAIR in person.  We hold an open door to our international distributors and are always pleased when they can visit with us.

While he has been here, we have reviewed new EXAIR products such as the Heavy Duty HEPA Vac and the No Drip Atomizing Nozzles.  We’ve had the opportunity to discuss product award winners like the Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzle, Digital Flow Meter Data Logger, and the 1114SS Super Air Nozzle.  And, we’ve spent a great deal of time discussing applications of EXAIR products.

One of the applications that stood out was the potential to make a custom Light Duty Line Vac to convey material.  As many of our customers know, we will make custom parts or modifications to our products to suit the specific needs of an application.  This end user wanted flanges machined onto the end of a 130600 (6″ Light Duty Line Vac).  The purpose of these flanges was to allow for ease of mounting within the application.

After a few discussions here at EXAIR, we determined that a stock model could be used and the existing flanges of the system could mount everything perfectly.  Not only did this satisfy the end user, it sped up the timeframe on their project, saved them money, and proved once again that EXAIR is about solving problems.

If you have an application in need of a solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.  We’d love to lend a hand.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer