6 Reasons to Keep Using Open Blow Offs

An open blow off is often copper tube or pipe without an air nozzle. It could also be an open pipe fitting or a pipe with drilled holes along its length. Generally they provide a cleaning or cooling function as well as keeping product moving down the production line.

These types of blow offs are very inefficient, loud and dangerous. They can be easily retrofitted to gain efficiency, lower noise an provide safety by outfitting them with engineered air nozzles. But we understand why you have them, here are 6 reasons why you should keep using them.

1. You continually see a reduction in your electricity costs from your utility provider. They are saving money for you, there is no need for you to be proactive.

2. You have never heard of an embolism and are unaware of the danger an open blow off over 30 PSIG may be to someone.

3. You blew out your eardrums at that concert in ’88 and the loud noise doesn’t bother you, why would it bother anyone else?

4. The initial investment is too high – forget about the rapid ROI (often days or weeks) which pays for the engineered nozzles or Super Air Knives

5. You are not responsible for lowering the cost of production, that is someone elses job, let them worry about it.

6. You enjoy visits from OSHA and paying fines. After all you have that extra money from your utility provider.

Enjoy your day,
Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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