The Right Tools Lead to Victory or Don’t Bring a Butter Knife to A Sword Fight

“Fear my mighty battle-axe!” roared across the basement. I involuntarily reacted with my forty-year-old catlike reflexes (which in all likelihood resemble the reflexes of my 12 year old dog) by becoming lighter on my feet and scanning the room for enemies. Much to my chagrin, no-one was in sight. Then, in a slightly more childlike voice, thunders the phrase “Watch out dad, we’re gonna get ya!” Two things quickly crossed my mind – ONE: I’m out numbered. TWO: That second thundering phrase is not one I expected to come from any nemesis.

In any case this was not the time to ponder, it was time for battle. Except I was ill prepared. I clearly lacked the tools necessary to fend off these decided rivals. There were no visible weapons in sight as I took the first blow to the ribs from this:

With a second helping of airborne-rotating-spikes-of-death heading straight for my heart which looked like this:

I proceeded to fight as valiantly as possible after suffering these certain mortal wounds, but alas, it was not looking good. These fearless warriors on the attack must have noticed my waning strength because the smaller of the two found it in his heart to offer me this:

…except without the shield. That’s right a 9″ dagger versus a two-sided battle-axe and a three-bladed weapon named Warlock. Two things quickly crossed my mind – ONE: Thanks for the butter knife son, if I were fighting toast this would be handy. TWO: I always did like that small one better. Sadly it was too late, I had been defeated. An ambush and the simple lack of proper tools for victory were my downfall.

It can happen to any of us. We can all be surprised be a sneak attack and be left without the best tools for the job. EXAIR does not want you to be found in this position. You shouldn’t use an open compressed air pipe on an application, only to be ambushed by your machines crashing due to a lack of air pressure. Ambushes like that may be avoided by outfitting those pipes with the proper tool; engineered Super Air Nozzles which will use much less compressed air.

You shouldn’t be left using an electric vacuum that will soon be defeated by continuous use or a nasty environment. You deserve the victory of our continuous duty industrial vacuums. These products are powered by compressed air and since they do not have any moving parts they keep fighting in nasty environments, elevated temperatures or continuous heavy-duty use.

Beware of an ambush from your friendly OSHA representative ready and willing to hand out fines for improper use of compressed air because you are exceeding the 30 PSIG dead-end pressure limit found in OSHA’s standard 1910.242(b). EXAIR’s efforts always concentrate on meeting or exceeding this standard, making our products are the right tool for increasing the safety of your people. And don’t forget about the sneak attack from your boss who is checking on the progress of your energy savings program. Our squad of Optimization products and the Six Steps To Optimization process can help you begin your savings program and relish the victory of providing your boss the feedback he is requesting.

Lastly, as I write this blog entry two things quickly come to mind – ONE: You need the right tools for safe, efficient and successful compressed air applications. TWO: EXAIR can help you identify them.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer



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