Super Air Knife Replaces Blower Driven Knife

This past week I spoke with a customer who had a blower driven air knife.  They had a slot cast extruder line that was making something similar to a plastic cling wrap.  The process had a blower driven knife which was used to blow the product after it was extruded onto a chilled roll in order to cool the product and convey it to the next point in the process.  The blower driven knife did not have laminar flow and was constantly needing adjustment.  To top all things the blower would pick up particulate from the ambient environment and send it onto the part also.

The customer replaced the blower system and the blower driven knife all with a single Super Air Knife.  The Super Air Knife never needs adjustment and has a laminar flow which permits even pushing of the wrap onto the chilled roller.  The other part of this application that helped the customer is the fact that they no longer have particulate that was getting sucked up by the blower and being blown onto the product and causing defects.  The Super Air Knife is also a smaller footprint than the blower driven knife was so they are able to get closer to their application and have an even more precise air flow going onto the product.

If you have an application where space and laminar flow are the issue feel free to give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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