Painting a clear picture

While we are waiting for the new addition to our family, we started making plans to move our first son into the second bedroom, his current playroom. We asked him what colors he wanted and without hesitation he rattled off….. “I want blue on the bottom, gray on the top and black in the middle” (chair rail). My wife and I cringed at the black chair rail and offered maybe a charcoal gray? or maybe just white? but these were NOT going to be options. The boy knows what he wants, “Dad, I am going to be a big brother now so I need a big boy room”.

We headed out to the local home improvement store to get some paint samples. Our son stood in amazement (confusion) as he gazed at the hundreds of different shades of blues and grays. He took one card after another until his hands were full and that’s about the time a store employee noticed his struggle and offered some assistance. The paint company provides the store with a touchscreen where you can design a room , complete with a chair rail and compare the different paint codes to see the various combinations together. This saved us a huge amount of time as our son was able to match up the colors he wanted, avoiding the potential for multiple trips back and forth to the store and eliminated wasting several gallons of paint.

This got me thinking…. Here at EXAIR, we receive calls from customers who are looking to replace their wasteful, loud and unsafe open pipe blowoffs with one our engineered air nozzles. All of EXAIR’s Air Nozzles and Jets meet the OSHA Standard 1910.42(b) for 30 psi dead end pressure (cannot be dead ended) and OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.95(a) for allowable noise exposure levels. Since we offer so many different nozzles, it can sometimes be confusing, but EXAIR has you taken care of with our Air Nozzles and Jets and High Force Air Nozzles Comparison Chart(s). The charts are sorted by compressed air consumption (when operating at 80 PSIG) and provides the nozzle Model #, material of construction, inlet size, air consumption, force and sound level, making it easy to match to your existing setup.

Air Nozzles and Jets Comparison Chart
Air Nozzles and Jets Comparison Chart


High Force Air Nozzles
High Force Air Nozzles Comparison Chart

Of course, if you are still unsure, you can always contact an Application Engineer for assistance.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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