Holiday Aftermath Brings Resolution

Now that the holidays are over and we have come down from our sugar highs, it’s time to get serious about eating right and shedding those extra pounds gained. I have never been good about dieting because I love to eat and hate to exercise. This year I have extra resolve, the doctor said that if I do not get my sugar levels in check I will need to go on medication. I am currently on a carb restricted diet to keep my levels in check.

When was the last time you did an audit of your compressed air system? Is it time to put your air usage on a diet? It is much simpler than you may think to restrict compressed air consumption which helps keep your energy levels in check. It can be as easy as retrofitting open tube or pipe with an engineered air nozzle or replacing a pipe with a series of drilled holes along its length with a Super Air Knife. Sometimes it is hard to convince operators that they do not need open air lines at system pressures to get the job done. The problem is more than likely they have not been offered an effective alternative. Their objective is to do their job. If you can offer them something that uses less compressed air and still gets the job done, they will most assuredly emnozzlebrace it.

EXAIR’s core business is the conservation of compressed air. The unique design of their products draws in surrounding ambient air providing a greater volume of air on the target than the volume of compressed air used. Amplification can be a much as 40 times more! If you are ready to go on an “compressed air diet” and improve your energy consumption’s overall health, call 1-800-903-9247 and ask to speak with one of our application engineers.

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For the past few weeks, the locker room at the gym has been pretty full. No matter; it’ll thin out soon…this happens every year, when people flock in droves to fitness centers, seeking to capitalize on that fresh commitment to make this the year that they realize their fitness goals. Some will stick with it, though, and I sincerely hope they find the payoff they’re looking for…mainly, because I’m one of them.

Just as the new year provides an opportunity for us to examine and evaluate our current personal situations – physical, financial, relational, just to name a few of the “usual suspects” – it’s also a popular time for organizations to take stock as well. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the President of the United States traditionally delivers the State of the Union address soon after the beginning of the year, nor do I find it curious that the lead article on yesterday was “Ten Areas to Examine on an Annual Energy Audit.”

I assume this won’t come as a surprise, but “Air System” made the list. This point is of particularly keen interest to us at EXAIR, since many of our products are used to specifically address the issue of compressed air optimization. This is normally the place where I’d go through the Six Steps to Optimization, but our Brian Farno did such a good job with this a few weeks ago, so I’ll go deeper “into the vault” with this gem of a video, and let Professor Penurious tackle the subject, as only he can. As an added bonus, I hope this also serves as a reminder for the sports fans and Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers among us (I plead guilty on both counts) that the basketball Madness in March is just over six weeks away…

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