EXAIR Static Eliminators Improves Takeout Food Label Printer

There’s a deli in the new supermarket that opened up down the street from us, and I decided to give them a try for lunch the other day. As I was looking at the menu board, the fella behind the counter asked if he could help me. I was drifting towards the Reuben, so I asked him how their Reuben was. He told me it was his favorite…I generally listen to recommendations of the pros, so I asked him to make me one.

He turned around and started reading the instructions above the sandwich board. Then, he started pulling items out of the cabinet, glancing up at the instructions between each one. Then, he turned to a co-worker and asked if the sauerkraut went on before or after heating. None of this inspired much confidence at all in his “it’s my favorite” comment.

While I was waiting for him to sort all of this out, I saw that they had some samples of some typical deli “sides” available. I was just there for the sandwich, but, not being one to turn down free food, I tried this stuff called Mediterranean Orzo salad. It was FANTASTIC. So good, in fact, that I asked for a container of it. It was actually brand-new, and they didn’t have it in their system yet, so the automated printer connected to the scale printed a label that identified it as “macaroni salad.” We joked about how automated systems ALMOST always make life easier, and that this was the rare exception.

Speaking of labels, and making life easier, I had the opportunity to help a customer whose label printer wasn’t working properly. There was such a high static charge on the labels that it was messing up the ink printing the bar codes on the surface, and it was just fuzzy enough to cause improper readings for the bar code scanner. MUCH worse of a problem than my mislabeled side from the deli.

They installed a Model 111209 9″ Super Ion Air Knife Kit to apply a gentle flow of ionized air across the surface of the label immediately prior to the print head, and are now producing perfect labels, every time.  The product, by the way, is take-out food box lids.

Available in lengths from 3" to 108", the Super Ion Air Knife dissipates even high static charges quickly.
Available in lengths from 3″ to 108″, the Super Ion Air Knife dissipates even high static charges quickly.

By the way, despite the sandwich maker’s lack of experience, the Reuben wasn’t bad…especially since they put the ‘kraut on BEFORE toasting it (I know you were wondering.)

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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