Keeping Up with the Latest Fads

If you were of a similar demographic as myself, you may have young kids. I have 3 kids from 6-10 years old. They crave time spent with a “DS”, trade Pokemon cards and think Shrek should be a role model without ever having seen a Shrek movie. They are of a new generation of Michael Jackson fan due to his untimely and media saturated death, and play their music on MP3 players with earbuds. Fortunately they never pass up an opportunity to watch Phineas and Ferb which I too would recommend to people of any age.

But the latest fad which causes them to beg, whine or flash puppy dog eyes my way are these crazy Silly Bands…

First there was panic because the local Walgreens was selling out within minutes of receiving the shipment, just like every other store in the greater area. Next came victory in scoring one overpriced pack (split between the three of them) from the zoo gift shop. Shortly afterwards they developed a reliable source and began to stockpile their booty to the extent they could sort them by color, letter, glowing or not glowing, animal or vehicle – you get the picture. As the days go on I see less of their arms and more Silly Bands. I am just waiting for the day they bust out of the house covered in silly bands and scream “I pity the fool without Silly Bands” – if you catch my drift. And then another fad will come along and start the cycle over again.

And we as adults are not immune to similar frenzied products or catch phrases. Optimistically we are seeing this great push for a greener world and more efficient products. It seems that marketing from every company selling everything pitches an earth saving widget, almost to the extent of being a fad. EXAIR is just happy everyone is catching on to how important efficiency is because we have pushed the boundaries of compressed air efficiency since we began.

Originally replacing those ridiculously outdated open blow offs and pipes with drilled holes with our Standard Air Knives. Then  we introduced the second generation Super Air Knife with improved economy. The Super Air Knife continues to be unmatched in the compressed air industry.

EXAIR began by representing an existing line of Air Amplifier but soon realized how to improve on that design as well. We now offer the patented Super Air Amplifier, the most efficient Air Amplifier available. Our original Safety Air Nozzles were the best solution for retrofitting open pipe applications, but now the Super Air Nozzle product line boasts the best compressed air reduction in our industry.

And to continue we began to develop our compressed air optimization product line so our customers can measure and control air usage and find problem areas. The accessories we offer allow for operating products at lower pressure and keep the compressed air clean to keep products working long-term and effectively.

 We have these products on our shelves for quick delivery, you will not experience any panic due to unavailable inventory. We are certainly a reliable source for product, service and technical information so please take advantage of us. You too can soon be stockpiling compressed air for use in other areas, or to eliminate an extra compressor. And if you like you could shout “I pity the fool who isn’t using EXAIR to improve their compressed air efficiency” (OK so it doesn’t have that edgy buzz to it).

And it may very well be that the greening of industry is not exactly a fad (and it should not be) but it certainly is a bandwagon others are choosing to jump upon. And that’s OK with us because in EXAIR’s industry, we are not just on the bandwagon, we are driving it.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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