Is Your Compressed Air Blowoff As Flexible As Your Production Line?

                On numerous occasions I have encountered applications where a customer runs several different parts or products through the same line or process and they need to be blown off before entering a certain stage.   This will sometimes not be achieved efficiently with using just a manifold or a system that is designed to blow off one part.  Sometimes it can work through just turning up and wasting compressed air just to blowoff that different part that the line was not originally designed for.    

                Rather than crank up your compressed air or have to make a new mount/ manifold every time there is a line change, install some of our Stay Set Hoses and or Swivel fittings


                The Stay Set Hoses can be bent and formed to reach almost any angle of a part that is coming through your blowoff stage.   The Stay Set Hoses are available in ¼” MNPT fittings, 1/8” MNPT fittings, or a combination of both, along with a variety of lengths.  You can mount anything from a Nano Super Air Nozzle all the way up to a Super Air Amplifier or even a Super Air Knife.   These would make adjusting your blowoff process much simpler when doing a line change. All you have to do is grab the hose with your hands and reposition to the correct location for the new product run.  If you don’t need that much adaptability, say you just need to refocus the nozzles every once in a while for a size change, check out our Swivel Fittings.  The application below is used on a line where the product sizes and features change frequently.

                The Swivel Fittings are offered in a variety of sizes and allow movement of 25 degrees.  They are also constructed of 303 Stainless Steel.  

                All in all, if you struggle with line changes and your rigid mount blowoff process playing nice together, it may be time to consider our Stay Set Hoses and/or Swivel Fittings.  

 Have a good 4th of July to all of our followers in the US, and a great weekend to to everyone. 

Brian Farno

Application Engineer

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