Reinvent Yourself or Become Irrelevant

Recent news has it that an American icon Kodak is going belly up. Why is it that such a pioneer in graphics lost it competitive posture in the market place? They failed to reinvent themselves. Photographic film has been obsoleted by the digital age and Kodak failed to participate in the new medium.

National Cash Register, Dayton Ohio, used to occupy several city blocks of 4 and 5 story buildings manufacturing the hundreds of parts that went into the mechanical cash registers. Computerization all but obsoleted them and the buildings have long since been razed.

The winds of change will always be with us. You either go with the flow or get blown away.

The current focus is on energy conservation. Compressed air, while a vital component of any manufacturing operation, is an energy consumer. As time goes on, more pressure will be put on reducing compressed air consumption. EXAIR’s core business is designing and manufacturing Intelligent Compressed Air® products with conservation and efficiency benefits. Each and every year EXAIR has introduced new products that save our customers compressed air. Old school air nozzles and jets do not have a future in our changing economy, engineered air nozzles are the future.

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