An American Success Story

I saw a story in the news recently about the Shale Gas Boom – it seems that developments in drilling & mining technology over the past few years have made access to shale gas a more economically feasible option. By that, I mean, it’s always been there, but until these newer technologies were developed, it’s always cost more to get usable gas out of the ground than it was worth.

I don’t know that a story gets more “American:” Ingenuity and know-how are leading to profitability, profitability will lead to industry growth, industry growth means not only more job opportunities, but also less dependence on imported energy sources, which is something our government leaders have been talking about my whole life. There are tons of political positions impacting this, but, even if that discussion was within the context of this blog, I still wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Which brings me to my point: I’ve always considered myself to be patriotic. I served six years in the United States Navy. I never miss an opportunity to vote, especially when the only items on the ballot are school or municipal levies, county/state representative primaries, etc.  I pay my taxes and abide by the law, even the speed limit (usually.)

Those are the ways that I have, and continue, to live out my patriotism. But it all comes from an engrained belief – and attitude – that I want to succeed personally, within a successful organization, in an environment provided by a successful nation. I believe this applies to my actions and involvement in my home, my community, my sons’ Scout units (it’s been a while since I mentioned Boy Scouts in my blog…I’m feeling much better now…), and, of course, my job. So, naturally, I’m always striving for improvement; looking for that “next level of incompetence” that I wrote about a while back.

That’s one of the reasons why I like working at EXAIR so much. We’re always looking to develop new products that will use compressed air more efficiently, safely, and effectively. This leads to profitability for the owners of our products, and for us. It’s what has made us THE market leader in engineered compressed air products, and inspires us to maintain that reputation by continuing to envision, engineer, and introduce new products with those principles of efficiency, safety, and effectiveness in mind. If it’s good for our company and yours, then it’s good for you and me, and THAT, my friend, is success.  Good luck with your American Success Story – I’m having a blast living out mine!

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