History of Machining Technology

At the time of the industrial revolution, Europeans and Americans approached machine tool design differently. In England,  there was no shortage of skilled labor. Rather than replacing workers, their machines made work more precise. Machines served to make talented artisans better. Meanwhile, in sparsely populated America, the needs of a new nation required rapid and simple means of production. In America, machines served to produce more with less labor.


Next to Cincinnati, the largest concentration of machine tool builders was Milwaukee. Cincinnati was the birthplace for names like LeBlond, American Tool Works, Lodge & Shipley, and Cincinnati Milling Machine. Cincinnati is also the birthplace of EXAIR Corporation, an industry leader in Intelligent Compressed Air Products ® .

With its humble beginnings downtown on Findley Street producing air nozzles, EXAIR’s product line has since expanded into air knives, air amplifiers, vortex cooling, vacuum generators, atomizing spray nozzles, and static eliminators.

EXAIR has received many prestigious awards for product innovation. We are proud of our heritage, our community, and our employees who make it all happen.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you with your compressed air applications. We genuinely appreciate the opportunity! We can be reached at 1-800-903-9247 or click on the live chat icon in the upper left hand corner.

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