Order EXAIR’s Complimentary Blowoff Guide and Get a Free Nozzle

EXAIR’s 3rd Edition Blowoff Guide is available here, and we are offering a bonus #1100 Super Air Nozzle when you order yours.

Our complimentary blowoff guide contains every bit of information we have concerning our full product line of compressed air saving Super Air Nozzles and Safety Air Guns. You will find detailed information about the safe and efficient use of compressed air which includes reducing energy costs, reducing noise levels and eliminating harmful dead-end pressures.


Would you like to be able to estimate how much money you can save when you reduce compressed air consumption? EXAIR’s Blowoff Guide will show you a step by step process for estimating compressed air savings.

Each nozzle within our product line is detailed in the guide which gives you dimensions, air flow, force and noise levels at 80 PSIG inlet pressure. You will see our tiniest #1108SS with it’s M4 x 0.5 thread through the giant #1121 and it’s 1-1/4 NPT thread. So whether you need to bring your 1/8″ open tubes into OSHA compliance or have an application requiring a massive 23 pounds of force – we have you covered.

Air nozzles from tiny to giant and everything in between in order to keep your compressed air use efficient and safe

All of our Safety Air Guns are represented in the Blowoff Guide as well. EXAIR’s safety air gun offer the same large breadth of performance and ability to solve from the lightest to the heaviest duty application. Our Precision Safety Air Guns fit the light duty, low air flow applications while the Soft Grip and Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns are popular with most industrial environments. Choose the Super Blast Safety Air Guns when sheer brute force is necessary for success. EXAIR also offers chip shields for those first three styles of gun.

EXAIR nozzles are engineered to help you maintain OSHA standards for safe use of compressed air and are also CE compliant.

Get your free Blowoff Guide and #1100 Super Air Nozzle here.

If you need any assistance in choosing an engineered air nozzle, please contact EXAIR.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
Ph. 1-800-903-9247

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