How I Totally Rocked Father’s Day For The 8th Time In A Row (or “Get Some Time In The Woods, Farno”)

Dear Brian,

I’m really looking forward to this Friday’s blog; I trust you’ll tell us how your Father’s Day Weekend 2013 campout went. I hope you and your daughter had a LARGE time, and I especially hope this turns into something that you two end up sharing with her little sister, when she’s old enough to join you.

As you know, my sons and I chose to celebrate Father’s Day, for the eighth straight year, in tents.  We had access to a boat again this year, from which we tried our luck frog gigging Friday night. It’s a good thing we brought S’mores supplies, because Camp WooHoo was fresh out of frog legs that evening.

Camp WooHoo
Camp WooHoo
My view from the hammock
My view from the hammock

We did have a good breakfast Saturday morning, courtesy of my new 16” cast steel camp skillet.  You can gather some pretty cool gear if you do this stuff long enough…skillet

…and afterwards, we spent some quality time on the lake. We had slightly better luck with the fish that afternoon than with the frogs the night before, and were able to supplement our dinner with some Filet-o-Bluegill (trademark not pending). Again, it was good to have brought other food with us.

The weather was fantastic, as was the company. The former you can’t always count on, but the latter’s a given. These times with our children are priceless (I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know), and I can’t believe I’m already on the “back nine” with both of mine! I’m having a blast and hope you are the same. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Camping Dads.

Your friend,


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