Pop or Soda?

If you were asked the generic term for a sweetened carbonated beverage, what would you call it, soda, pop, or coke? Your answer would depend on where you live. People from the West Coast and Northeast would call it soda. Folks from the Midwest and Mountain areas call it pop. And folks in the South… ask for a Coke, no matter what they’re ordering. “I’ll have a coke”.  “What kind”.  ” Root beer please”.

coke or pop

As an application engineer, I have customers use terms for our products, while they are relevant to them, they really do not accurately tag the product. For example, someone will call in and ask for an EXAIR. While EXAIR is our company name, it is not the name of any one of our thousands of part numbers.

Over my 18 years with EXAIR, I have learned to translate ambiguous product descriptions and direct the customer to the correct item. I am not alone. The other application engineers on the team can do the same. If not they will consult with the rest of us. Expertise in fluid power is our hallmark and what positions us a leader in Intelligent Compressed Air® products for industry.

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Joe Panfalone

Application Engineer

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