Built To Last, And Then Some

I’ve written before about my lifelong dedication as a fan of the Cincinnati Reds. If you follow baseball, you can probably appreciate how excited I am at the very real prospect of some postseason action at Great American Ballpark. It’s kindling memories of the World Series Championship team from 1975-1976 who, coincidentally, reunited for the dedication of Joe Morgan’s statue at the ballpark recently.

The Big Red Machine in 2013
The Big Red Machine in 2013

It also got me thinking about how cool it is when stuff lasts a good, long time. I had the pleasure to talk with a customer about a Reversible Drum Vac the other day…it needed a new gasket in the quick connect assembly that attaches the vacuum hose to the drum. The caller mentioned that it had been in service for quite some time, and wanted to make sure that “today’s” gasket would fit “yesterday’s” Reversible Drum Vac. I assured him it would, because the design hasn’t changed. Out of curiosity, I looked up the original purchase. It was in 1995, which means that this was one of the very first Reversible Drum Vacs that EXAIR made.

When someone asks about our products’ guarantee, and we tell them it’s “Five Years; Built To Last,” they’re usually impressed. I’m going to start telling them they ain’t seen nothing yet.

This year, EXAIR is celebrating 30 years in business. That means there are a LOT of EXAIR products out there, and (hopefully) a good many “oldies but goodies.” If you’ve got one, we’d love to hear from you about it.

Go Reds,
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