Your Compressed Air Application Solution, Right Where You Need It

In addition to providing the most efficient and quietest engineered air nozzles on the market, EXAIR also carries a wide variety of methods to get that efficient, quiet, and effective air flow where you need it to go. We’ve got Swivel Fittings that allow you to aim it and lock it in. We’ve also got Stay Set Hoses that easily bend, but keep their position until you bend them again. These hoses are actually pretty commonly used with our Magnetic Bases, for quick & easy installation of a nozzle system.

swivels stay set mag base
Left-right: Swivel Fittings, Model 1126 1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle w/Stay Set Hose, Nozzle & Stay Set Hose on Mag Base

A great many blow off applications, though, just need the simplest and easiest of all mounting options: your hand. That’s where our Safety Air Guns come in. We’ve got everything from a Precision Safety Air Gun fitted with an Atto Super Air Nozzle (2.5 SCFM air consumption; produces 2 ounces of blowing force) to our Model 1218 Super Blast Safety Air Gun, fitted with our largest Super Air Nozzle (460 SCFM; 23 POUNDS of blowing force,) and twenty-nine models in between. Most are available with Chip Shields and/or rigid pipe extensions (up to 6 feet in length), and some are even available with the Stay Set Hoses I mentioned above. No matter what your application, I bet we have a Safety Air Gun that’ll work for you…try us. Every day, we help users get the right product by talking about their application, and matching the flow & force of a particular product to it.

Left-right:  Precision, Soft Grip w/Stay Set Hose, Heavy Duty w/Rigid Extension, & Super Blast Safety Air Guns
Left-right: Precision, Soft Grip w/Stay Set Hose, Heavy Duty w/Rigid Extension, & Super Blast Safety Air Guns

If you’ve got our catalog (free for the taking, by the way,) it lays out the information in a very user-friendly manner, in case you want to try your hand at sizing it yourself. Keep two things in mind:

*We’re always here to help. If you want to discuss the application(s) and/or product selection, you can call, email, or Live Chat with us anytime.
*If you feel good about a selection based on our published performance data, we’re still here to help when “looked good on paper” fails to translate accurately to real-world conditions. Our 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee allows you to put any catalog item through its paces for up to a month. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll arrange return for full credit.


It really is just as easy as that.  Call us and find out.

Russ Bowman

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