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This week I took a call from a bakery who was using an air knife to remove the left over crust in their silicone lined stainless steel baking pans. They purchased the air knife through a reseller who made the recommendation. They noticed there wasn’t much of an increase in velocity and little force coming from the exhaust side of the air knife so after several attempts at re-mounting the knife and adjusting the input air pressure, they still weren’t able to remove the remaining crust, so they returned the unit.

They called EXAIR looking for a recommendation and provided the part # for the air knife they had recently returned. It turns out that the air knife they returned was actually a 12” EXAIR Super Ion Air Knife. The Super Ion Air Knife provides a laminar sheet of ionized airflow, with a 40:1 amplification rate,  to remove a static charge from a process. I asked if the customer was needing to remove a static charge and their answer was simply, “No, we weren’t even using the ionizing feature”.

The customer mentioned the crust falls right out if a pan is turned over, the need for static elimination was most likely unnecessary. I recommended the same solution as the reseller, but without the static elimination qualities, the EXAIR Super Air Knife  can get the job done. After troubleshooting the lack of performance they experienced, I determined they were using quick disconnects and tubing, which per my previous blog titled “(Im)Proper Infeed Pipe Size For The Super Air Knife”, was incorrect.


The customer is going to re-pipe their supply line so I recommended re-ordering our 12” Super Air Knife. Since they already have an account with the supplier, they wanted to order through them. Of course this was perfectly fine but I reminded them we also sell factory direct and we make placing your order easy.

Regardless if you order your EXAIR product direct or from another source, we are always here to help troubleshoot your application to ensure you are achieving optimal performance.

If you have a current process or a new application that requires assistance, please do not hesitate to contact an Application Engineer.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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