Super Air Amplifier Provides Needed Ventilation

Behold: The Power of the Microwave!!!
Behold: The Power of the Microwave!!!

Over the weekend, my wife and I were doing some “re-organizing” upstairs (actually throwing away some old toys and clothes), when our son decided to make a snack. I heard the pantry door close so I asked, “hey bud, what are you doing down there?”  He promptly replied, “I’m just making a snack dad. How long do you normally microwave my soup?” While we questioned making soup at 9:00 AM for a snack, I reluctantly replied 2 minutes and heard the microwave begin. Slowly, a strange (awful) odor started to fill the house so I went downstairs to investigate. To my horror, I opened the microwave door to discover that he wasn’t making a snack for him, he was actually heating up a can of dog food, so his partner in crime (our dog), “could have a warm meal like us”.  I immediately took the snack to the garbage outside and attempted to remove the stench from the house. I opened a couple windows and turned on the stove exhaust but this was still not working. That’s when I started thinking it sure would be nice to have a Super Air Amplifier handy, to help evacuate some of the odor and make the house livable again.

Using a small amount of compressed air, the Super Air Amplifier entrains a large volume of surrounding air and pulls this air through the unit, resulting in a high velocity, high volume of air on the exhaust side. The intake, or vacuum, side of the Super Air Amplifier pulls in 25 parts of surrounding air for every one part of compressed air. This high volume of ambient air being moved makes the Super Air Amplifier ideal for venting and exhaust applications.

Additionally, the vacuum and exhaust ends can be ducted, which makes this a good product for moving air from one place to another or from inside to outside. They are used in many applications for assisting air circulation and available in styles which are placed in ovens (and other high temp areas), corrosive environments, and remote locations. With the large volumes of air being moved, they are also an ideal choice where cooling and drying is required.

Our Air Amplifiers entrain enormous amounts of "free" air, at ratios of up to 25:1!
The Super Air Amplifier entrains large amounts of surrounding air, at ratios of up to 25:1.

Air Amplifiers are some of the most efficient products in the extensive EXAIR line of compressed air products. They use a patented internal shim to minimize air consumption and increase air volume on the output side. The operate exceptionally quiet, are OSHA safe and CE compliant.

If you have a ventilation or fume exhausting application, please contact an application engineer for assistance.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


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