Custom Solutions: Special 6″ Flanged Air Amplifier

I recently worked with a customer who was looking to increase the airflow in their scrubber system.  (For reference, a scrubber system is designed to control the air pollution in industrial exhausts by removing dangerous gases or particulate). The customer was currently using a 4″ air amplifier to move hot, acidic gases through the line but the combination of the heat and gases in the air were beginning to break down the aluminum construction. Another concern was dealing with a slight pulsation in the system that would cause the ducting to become loose, resulting in small leaks at the inlet and outlet. Not sure where to turn, they called EXAIR for assistance.

If you are familiar with our catalog or our blog, you will notice that manufacturing “special” or “custom” solutions is one of our many capabilities. In this particular application, the customer was increasing their duct size from 4″ to 6″ and determined that our Adjustable Air Amplifier design would be the best option. The Adjustable Air Amplifier allows you to adjust the output airflow by turning the exhaust end to open or close the air gap. We currently don’t offer a 6″ size in our catalog but keeping their requirements in mind, our engineers hit the drawing board.

One of our main concerns with an adjustable design was clearance available by changing the overall length of the unit when making an adjustment. The customer advised they were going to incorporate an expansion joint which would allow them roughly 2 – 3″ of space. This extra real estate would allow for a unit to be unbolted, have the adjustment made to the desired performance, then re-bolted. For this customer’s specific need, we were able to design a special 6″ flanged, 304ss, Adjustable Air Amplifier.

Special 6″ 304ss, Flanged Adjustable Air Amplifier
ANSI 150# RF Flanges

You no longer need to fret over your unique compressed air requirement or difficult application, EXAIR is staffed to help you solve the problem. This is just one instance of how we are able to meet the demands of a unique application. If you have a specific need, give us a call, chances are we will be able to assist as well.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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