EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems Speak for Themselves

Recently I had the pleasure of assisting a customer with an Air Knife application.  It wasn’t the “textbook” blow off situation, but it was another fairly common use: environmental separation.

That’s the fancy term for keeping liquids, gases, fumes, etc. inside a machine or enclosure, and/or away from personnel or equipment that might not function properly when exposed to said contaminants.  In this particular situation, they just wanted to keep coolant spray in a CNC machine away from the lens of a vision inspection system’s lens, inside the machine.  Our Super Air Knives are so good at this, they’re even used in the motion picture industry to keep droplets off the camera lens when filming scenes where water is being sprayed everywhere…just like the coolant spray inside a CNC machine.  So they purchased a Model 110206 6″ Aluminum Super Air Knife Kit to blow a light curtain of air in front of the lens.

Now, I know that’s a nice little blog, all by itself, but it’s an application that might not have stayed in my mind much longer than the time to process the order, had it not been for an additional detail from our conversation:

They called because they were very happy with our Cabinet Cooler Systems.

Which they installed on some control panels in their machine shop, years ago, and were famously preventing electrical component faults where the refrigerant-operated coolers had failed.

THIS is where excellence in customer service, quality manufacturing, error-free and on-time shipping (99.997% on time for 17 years and counting) make ALL THE DIFFERENCE…it gets you remembered the next time a user has a question about something that might be related to something similar.  And in this case, the only similarity was that both products are compressed air operated.

When you think of compressed air, we want you to think of EXAIR.  And it appears to be working.  I’m proud to be here, and I eagerly await your call to find out how we can provide a solution to your compressed air question or concern.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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