Super Air Wipe and Back Blow Nozzle Increase Production at a Pipe Manufacturer

Last week I took a call from a pipe and tube manufacturer who was looking for a solution for two problem areas within their process of manufacturing 1″ pipe.

First, they were removing moisture from the outside of the pipe after a rinse cycle, to prepare the material for painting. To remove the water, they had an operator with a hand held blow gun and shop rag who blows off the residual fluid, then manually wipes it clean. This process added time to their process, reduced overall production and increased labor.

Since 1″ schedule 40 pipe has a 1.3″ outside diameter, I recommended they use our 2″ Super Air Wipe for this particular part of the process. The Super Air Wipe produces a 360° ring of air to clean, cool or dry the outside surface of a hose, tube, pipe, etc. as it passes through the center of the unit. Installation is simple as the unit features a split design which can easily be clamped around the material, with the need to remove it from the machine.

Super Air Wipe
Super Air Wipes are available from 1/2 up to 11″.

The second issue they were experiencing was as they cut the pipe to length, they are seeing the cutting fluid and scrap chips settle on the inside which again requires the same operator to manually clean this surface as well. I recommended using our Back Blow Air Gun Model # 1204SS-12-CS Soft Grip Safety Air Gun with Model 1004SS Atto Back Blow Nozzle, 12″ aluminum extension and Chip Shield. The Back Blow Nozzle’s airflow is directed away from the nozzle and provides a 360° ring of air, making it the ideal choice for blowing out the I.D. of a pipe. With this particular design, you eliminate the risk of blowing the chips and fluid out of the far end or pushing debris farther into the pipe. It also prevents the potential of blowing debris toward other personnel or machinery. The Chip Shield protects the operator from the particulate being removed for the inside area.


Unique Design For Treating Inside Diameter of Pipe

If you have any questions about these products or would like to discuss your particular application, give us a call so we can help.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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