HOT OFF THE PRESS: EXAIR’s New Catalog 34 In-House!

At EXAIR, continuous improvement is a way of life. We pride ourselves in consistently offering a wide variety of solutions and continuously looking at ways to improve on existing product lines and expand new ones. It’s something that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

This year, EXAIR released the 34th edition of the catalog (click here to request one!). As is always the case, it’s filled with detailed information on each of our product lines. Technical specifications, product dimensions, application examples, just about everything you’ll need to determine which solution is best for you.

For this year we’ve added (3) new products that you’ll find in this edition. First is an expansion of EXAIR’s Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzles: The 3/8 NPT HollowStream Cone Nozzle. With a single 3/8 NPT liquid connection, this nozzle offers a liquid flow rate of up to 7.28 GPM at 60 PSI liquid pressure in a hollow shaped cone pattern.

We also added to our Intellistat® Static Eliminators Product Line with the new Intellistat® Ion Air Nozzle. Similar to our Intellistat® Ion Air Gun, the Model 8505 offers the same +/- 30V offset without the need to operate the manual trigger. This new nozzle is ideal for applications that require a solution that can be benchtop mounted, providing hands-free operation and static neutralization. It’s designed with the same convenient features in the Intellistat® Ion Air Gun with the simple 6mm push-in air connection and LED lights to indicate functionality. Each comes with a compact stainless steel mounting bracket pre-mounted for quick and easy installation right out of the box.

Finally, we introduced an entirely new line of Safety Air Guns: The TurboBlast Safety Air Gun. Using EXAIR’s largest Super Air Nozzles, the TurboBlast Safety Air Gun delivers the most powerful force of any gun with a comfortable easy-to-use handle. Models are available with an adjustable gate valve that allows for easy adjustments to the air consumption and force with a simple turn of the adjustment valve. All models are available with or without the gate valve and with 1′ (included on base models), 3′, or 6′ extensions. They also come with an installed nozzle guard to protect the nozzle fins from damage should the gun ever be dropped by operators.

Look no further than EXAIR when it comes to innovative compressed air solutions. Give us a call to discuss any of our new (and existing!) product lines and learn how we can help improve your processes.

Tyler Daniel, CCASS

Application Engineer


Twitter: @EXAIR_TD

Engineered, Intelligent Compressed Air® Products: Save Air AND Get a Rebate!

This rebate example results in FREE air nozzles – read on to learn more!

Here at EXAIR we are continuously trying to share the basic facts that engineered air nozzles save compressed air. We then connect that with the amount of money that it saves, this is generally backed with formulas, this isn’t a new concept, we blog, tweet and even have easily accessed calculators for it. The final part that we like to share is that, on top of saving throughout the life of the nozzle, there are also many energy providers and municipalities that extend a rebate program as well! That means this lowers the ROI on implementing engineered nozzles into your system.

For instance, if your facility is located in Holland, Michigan, the Holland Board of Public Works wants to offer a rather simple rebate that requires the engineered nozzle and application be installed and submitted by December 31, 2022. The program is offering up to $100 per engineered nozzle installed on an open pipe or tube. (The incentive cannot exceed 100% of customer cost.) Not sure if you have open pipes in your facility? I’m sure you will hear them if you walk near the production lines where air is used. Or, better yet, get in touch with your production maintenance team and have them go throughout the facility and perform an open tube/pipe tagging event. Then report back and contact an Application Engineer here at EXAIR. We will all be able to help you with selecting the appropriately sized engineered nozzle to convert that open pipe/tube blowoff to an efficient and safe blowoff.

The Holland program is focused on open pipe/tube blowoffs while there are countless other programs out there which focus on replacing any blowoff with an engineered nozzle that also fits certain flow criteria for select pipe sizes. These programs can be searched by using the site This is a site that is maintained by NC State University and NC Clean Energy Technology. You can easily navigate to your state and scan the list for a rebate program which will then even take you to the application and stipulations for the selected incentive.

No matter where you are located in the world, you don’t have to use a rebate to save money by installing engineered nozzles. The savings and ROI all starts as soon as they are installed. The rebates available in various parts of the US are just ways to expedite the ROI. If you want to discuss any engineered nozzle application, contact an Application Engineer today.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer