Custom Super Air Amplifier

A customer called in looking to incorporate some more airflow to help materials flow properly through their processing line. This line included several legacy machines, so we had to get creative to fit something with in the system in place. It just so happened there were several 3/4″ FNPT ports in the sections where the increased air flow was needed!

So we came up with a 3/4″ Super Air Amplifier, 120020. But rather than the typical smooth OD outlet we extended it a bit and put a 3/4″ MNPT thread on the end! See it below next to a photo of the 120020.

Right side is a stock 120020, and to the left is the Custom 120020 with a 3/4″ MNPT threaded outlet!

EXAIR’s Super Air Amplifiers achieve air amplification ratios ranging from 12:1 on our smallest units and up to 25:1 for our 4” and 8” models. EXAIR’s Super Air Amplifiers utilize a patented shim design to maintain critical positioning of component parts. This allows a precise amount of compressed air to be released at exact intervals toward the center of the Super Air Amplifier. This creates a constant, high velocity outlet flow across the entire cross-sectional area. Free, ambient air is entrained through the unit, resulting in high amplification ratios. The balanced outlet airflow minimizes wind shear to produce sound levels far lower than other similar air movers.

Super Air Amplifiers are supplied with a .003” thick shim that is ideal for most applications. Flow and force can be increased by replacing the shim with a thicker .006” or .009” shim. The flow of air is also controlled by adjusting the input pressure supplied to the amplifier. Higher pressures increase both the force and flow, while lower pressures decrease both force and flow. All Super Air Amplifiers are available in kits that come with a shim set as well as a suitably sized pressure regulator and auto-drain filter.

EXAIR has a solution for you if you need to move A LOT of air, even if we need to customize it to fit perfectly in your application. Also, this custom product only took a few weeks to produce, so delivery times are still reasonable!  Reach out to an Application Engineer today if you have an application that you believe could be served with a low-cost, simple solution!

Jordan Shouse
Application Engineer

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