3″ Super Air Knife & 1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle Solve Bearing Measurement Inaccuracies

A bearing manufacturer was having an issue effectively removing oil from a bearing race prior to a laser micrometer for gauging dimensional tolerances. The bearings are assembled, travel through a washer and then go through a centrifugal dryer. After the dryer, the bearings travel down a conveyor to the laser micrometer, where they are measured, laser marked, coated with rust preventive and boxed for shipment. The issue they were having is after the centrifugal dryer, they were still seeing small droplets of oil and contaminants settling on the outside diameter of the outer ring, causing the laser to take a faulty reading which would reject part.

Example of a caged bearing.

I recommended the customer mount a 3″ Super Air Knife over the top of the conveyor and a 1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle mounted vertically on each side to allow the bearing to pass through a “tunnel” of high velocity air to remove the foreign matter. While this would solve the contamination issue on the O.D. of the bearing race, it raised another concern to the customer. The laser takes the reading through a small slot on the side of the conveyor, and with the particulate being airborne again, the customer was concerned they may see some contaminants work their way through the opening and settle on the laser lens. The opening is about 3/4″ so I recommended they install another 1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle to blow across the small opening, making a curtain of air to block any foreign matter from passing through the slot.

Super Air Knife
Super Air Knife – Available from 3″ up to 108″.


1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle providing 1″ wide, high velocity airflow.

This is just one example of using multiple EXAIR products to solve a single issue. Whether it’s a contamination blowoff application or something entirely different like cooling, exhausting fumes or conveying product, chances are EXAIR has a solution. Give us a call to see how we might be able to improve your process.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


DSCF4992 image courtesy of Joe Loong via Creative Commons license.

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