Removing Oil Residue with Flat Super Air Nozzles


When a machine or process requires lubrication, things can (and often do) get covered in the lubricant.  Whether it is oil, coolant, grease, or any other substance reducing friction, containing and/or removing the lubricant can be a real challenge.


Such was the case for our customer in the application shown above.  They had developed a method for collecting and channeling the base (journal cross with trunnions – technically termed “spiders”) of a u-joint, used in the assembly at the next processing station.  Initially the method worked well, but problems began to arise with the accumulation of lubricant in the bottom of the collection device (shown below).


The solution to this problem was two-fold.  Firstly, a chain conveyor has been designed to replace the existing hopper.  Secondly, a series of EXAIR Flat Super Air Nozzles, model 1122, will be used along with 12″ Stay Set Hoses and Magnetic Bases to provide a blow off station.

The conveyor will allow much of the residual oil to drip off of the u-joint crosses and into a collection bin below.  The Flat Super Air Nozzles will take the process a step further and actively remove any remaining oil, blowing the residue off of the u-joints and into the collection bin below.  By using Stay Set Hoses and Magnetic Bases we’re able to position the nozzles exactly where they need to be, making installation easy, quick, and adjustable when needed.

In removing the excess oil from the surface of these u-joints we’re able to make the entire workflow process more efficient by producing a steady, repeatable condition for the u-joints at the end of this process stage.  And, by removing imbalances in throughput due to reworking or stalling at this production stage we’re able to add confidence to our customer’s application.

If you have a similar application or would like to work with EXAIR to find an application solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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