Super Air Knives Clean Slide Ways, Rails and Tracks of Machinery

Until a few days ago I was relatively unfamiliar with flying cold saws, their operation, and purpose.  I knew they were used in manufacturing, particularly with regards to piping, but had no real idea as to how or why.

So, when prompted with a need to examine an application for a flying cold saw, I thought to find a schematic or video online.  Thankfully, I found the video above of the exact machine being used in the application, and it helped me to fully understand the application needs.

What was needed, was a method to keep the rails of the flying saw clean and clear of debris created during the cutting process.  There is a waste material removal system incorporated into the saw, but it cannot prevent stray scrap material from deflecting during cutting and landing on the rails used to position the saw.

We’ve found success in similar applications using Super Air Knives to clear debris off slide ways on large CNC machines and from the tracks for rail cars, so I felt confident we could find a solution here.  In selecting the proper air knife for this application we considered size (width) of the rails, ambient temperature, and required force from the knife.  This application uses 6″ rails in a typical factory setting (with ambient temperatures up to 110F max), with small stainless steel debris on the rails – a “perfect” fit for the aluminum 6″ Super Air Knife, model 110006.

This customer chose to use (4) 110006 Super Air Knives, two on each side of the knife used on the leading edge and on the trailing edge.  Limit switches of the saw will trigger the air knives positioned on the leading edge to turn on, clearing debris from the rails as the saw travels back and forth.

This was a great application for use with Super Air Knives, and we were happy to help solve the customer’s problem.  If you have a similar application, give us a call, send us an email, or use our online chat feature to contact an Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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