30 Years and Going Strong


I’ve been derelict in getting my hair cut and one of my co-workers made comment that I needed to use some Brylcreem. I chimed in with the  Brylcreem jingle from back in the 50’s. Two of the younger co-workers had no idea of what we were talking about since this product was popular 30 years before being born (watch video). Yes those were simpler times and the graphics were not as elaborate as they are today. Never the less, if they are remembered 30 years later, their message had to have been effective.

While some commercials stick in our minds, others rise to the pinnacle of fame such as the sound track for the famous Alka-Seltzer” No Matter What Shape  your stomach is in” commercial. It actually made the top ten music list.


EXAIR is completing its 30th year anniversary and I am coming up on my 20th year anniversary.We have our own print ads which stuck in people’s minds and one or two that may be famous, perhaps infamous (and never made the cut). That is part of the beauty of EXAIR, a company that allows us to let loose now and then so we can produce a spoof ad or two which may include a boss speed skating against Apolo Ohno or a good-humored co-worker playing Jack Black’s role in Nacho Libre (internal office consumption only – sorry). Looking back over my tenure with EXAIR, I’ve experienced the growth of the company into the premier supplier of Intelligent Compressed Air Products®. During that time we have expanded the product line which was originally covered in only 48 pages of a  hand-made spiral bound catalog to our current 168 page full color catalog.

To compliment the catalog, we have an internet presence www.EXAIR.com where drawings and technical is downloaded. We are also on twitter and Facebook. Not to mention this 65-year-old blogger.

We sincerely welcome the opportunity to serve you with your compressed air product applications.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer
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Anticipation Of What’s Coming

Well, October’s here. Temperatures are starting to dip, and I noticed the other day that, when they hit about 70F, there were a lot of folks sporting hoodies, sweaters, and light jackets. A friend pointed out that these might be the same people who, back in the spring, broke out the t-shirts and shorts at the first sign of 70 degree days. At first glance, it might seem odd that people would dress so differently when it was the same temperature outside, just because of the earth’s relative position to the sun. But if you think about it, it’s not really that hard to be comfortable in 70 degree weather, no matter what you’re wearing. In fact, there are others (like me) who continue wearing t-shirts and shorts as long as we can, clinging to those last vestiges of summertime.

No; it’s not about the current temperature; it’s about anticipation of what’s coming. Those hoodies will soon be replaced (or relegated to under-layering for) heavy coats or parkas. And come spring, they’ll go back in the closet until autumn rears its head again.

At EXAIR, anticipation of what’s coming is key to our operations, and our success. Production and Purchasing are always looking ahead, to ensure that we maintain inventory levels so we can ship almost any catalog product, same day. Application Engineers continually record information on applications that we might not currently offer an ideal solution for. Design Engineers take that information, and, in cooperation with Management, develop these ideas into viable new products for next year’s catalog.

This weekend, we’re celebrating EXAIR’s success in doing this for 30 years, with a big company bash on a river cruise. I feel confident that I can speak for everyone else here when I say we’re looking forward to the next 30 years of success, by providing you the best possible solutions to your compressed air application needs.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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