FREE Vac-U-Gun Offer!

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog titled, Spring Cleaning All Around, outlining just a few of the many  features of our Industrial Housekeeping Products. All of these products are compressed air operated, have no moving parts and require no electricity, making them a safe and virtually maintenance free option for industrial clean up.

We are currently running a promotional offer, where if you purchase one of these products by May 31, 2015, we will include a FREE Vac-U-Gun, a $98 Value!!! (Use the promotional model number within the promo to receive the offer).

Vac-U-Gun Promo
Just click the photo for the promotional Model #

The Vac-u-Gun can be used as a blow gun, vacuum or for product transfer. Using only 13 SCFM @ 80 PSIG of compressed air, the unit produces a high output airflow on one end and creates a vacuum on the other end. In blow off mode, the unit provides 9 ounces of high velocity, forceful airflow. By changing the orientation of the nozzle insert, the unit can be converted into vacuum mode, producing -29.5″ H20 vacuum, use the bag attachment for general clean up. The output end can be connected to an 1-1/4″ smooth bore hose, allowing for the transferring of dry media. Again, there are no moving parts or electricity required to operate, so you get the convenience of 3 separate tools all in one single, safe hand held device!

Vac-u-Gun orientation
Simply change the nozzle insert orientation to quickly change between blowoff mode or vacuum mode.

Of course, if you need any assistance with selecting the right Industrial Housekeeping Product, you can always contact an application engineer.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

Case Studies Library – See How EXAIR Products Can Impact You

EXAIR has again expanded the amount of information that is available through our website.  Now you can view nearly anything you need to know about our products and  read about applications and the savings or benefits they have seen.

That’s right, EXAIR has published and is going to continue to expand a Case Study Library.  This is accessible through our Knowledge Base section on   You do have to be a registered user in order to access the section, but registering is free and easy.

An example of the information you will find in the Case Studies is below.

As you can see you not only get to see a picture of the product but some will even have before and after pictures.  This goes along with the saying we like to use here, the proof is in the pudding.   Then on top of all this information we still will honor our 30 day guarantee.

Not only have we expanded the amount of information available on our website but we have opened the opportunity for you to share your applications and savings with us and get a benefit yourself.

If you have a compressed air application where EXAIR has been able to save air or better product process or quality, contact an Application Engineer and fill out a Case Study form.  Once the information has been confirmed you will be granted an incentive, discount, small piece of “swag” for the help.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer