Experience Is What Matters

Collectively EXAIR’s application engineers have 45 years with the company and 100 years of industrial experience. Each application engineer comes to us with “shop” experience and a college education. Between the two disciplines (real world and college experience), we can marry the practical with the hypothetical to find  the best answer to your compressed air challenges.

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For me, I have industrial engineering and business management degrees. I’ve been a machine shop manager, manufacturing engineering manager, and a marketing product manager. Kirk comes from a family of industrial distributors and sold mechanical power transmission equipment for years, he also has a masters degree. Brian has mechanical engineering technology degree and was a service tech for a machine tool builder. Russ is schooled by the U.S. Navy in nuclear technology and has years of experience in the pump industry. Dave has a degree in mechanical engineering and worked as an application engineer prior to coming to us. Neal has a degree in industrial technology and worked his way through the ranks in the injection molding industry prior to EXAIR. Lee has an electro-mechanical engineering degree which he finished while working as an automotive technician and is also a six sigma black belt.

All this knowledge and experience is not confined to one individual.  Our cubicles are arrange so as to be in ear shot of one another. When you call in for technical support, you not only have the expertise of the engineer you are talking with,  but the entire engineering staff.

Being on the technical support line, we come into contact with hundreds of engineers from most every facet of manufacturing.  Be it industrial, textile, automotive, mining, power generation, paper/pulp, pharmaceutical or medical, we have had experience in serving these customers and more.

Need to update your compressed air system? Are you wanting to save energy by reducing you compressed air consumption? We would sincerely welcome the opportunity to serve you. Call one of our application engineers at 1-800-903-9247 [list of engineers ]

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Application Engineer
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I’m a geek and I know it.

More than once since I have known my wife she has given me a look as if to say, I can’t believe I know someone as geeky as you.  (Ok, maybe it’s been too many times to count.)  Last week I was able to get comic books into my blog, I’m pretty sure I have mentioned video games, and even building computers.  While I don’t consider myself as big of a geek as some of my friends are, the fact is I am a geek.

I am ok with this and I am sure once my daughter is at the right age she will not be ok with it.  The fact is that technology, and engineering catch my interest.  I can read a tech manual for my motorcycle a lot faster and with more enjoyment than I can any fictional novel.  This is also one of the many reasons I became an engineer.

This is yet another reason why I enjoy my job here at EXAIR so much, I’m constantly learning from our customers how their products and processes are done so that I can help them better their process.  This always intrigues me because not only are the customers learning from me how to implement the EXAIR product lines but at the same time I am learning new processes and how things are made so that I can then help other customers in the future with similar applications.

It’s an infinite loop of learning for me here at EXAIR.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer