If At First You Don’t Succeed…

If you haven’t received a visit already, a Cub Scout should be coming through your neighborhood, door to door, selling Boy Scout Popcorn. They’ll be fulfilling their part of the Law of The Pack (“The Cub Scout helps the Pack go”) and is their main (and usually only) fundraiser for the year. I hope you’ll consider supporting this fine organization. Also, the Chocolatey Triple Delight is just about the best thing to happen to popcorn EVER. Word of warning: the package says there are 17 servings; I consistently find only three.

In addition to “help(ing) the Pack go,” the boys are also aiming at membership to the $600 Club – sales of this level gets the Scout a variety of prizes: choices of several different Gift Cards, tickets to a Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game, and a very cool little gadget called a Zyclone, which David Letterman seemed to master almost immediately:

Me, I was lucky to clear a couple of feet with my Zyclone (yes, I have one…as our Boy Scout District’s “Popcorn Kernel,” I have one to show off to the Scouts…and it’s a great little perk, I might add), but with a few adjustments of my aim and a little finessing of my technique, I became almost as proficient as my nine-year-old son was on his second shot.

That’s the way it is with a lot of compressed air product applications, too. A Super Air Knife may perform better if you mount it at a different angle or distance from the part(s) you’re trying to cool, dry, or blow off. There are a couple of “tips and tricks” to get a better conveyance rate from a Line Vac. If your Reversible Drum Vac isn’t pumping like it used to, there are quick and easy things to try before replacing it. Same same for Static Eliminators, by the way.

So, if your aim needs adjusted, or your technique finessed, give me a call. I may be relatively new at this, but my learning curve is steep, and I’m eager to share the wealth of knowledge I’m accumulating. If I don’t know the answer, I’m surrounded by those more experienced and knowledgeable than I, who are just as eager to help. And if I just can’t find the answer, I have a Zyclone of my own to put theory to practice with.

Oh, and if your question is about EXAIR products, that’s OK too…if I don’t know the answer, I can tap the brains & know-how of the rest of the Application Engineering team, as well as the resources of our Efficiency Lab to get you the answers you need.

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