Chances Are

Last night, at out Cub Scout Pack Meeting, it was my duty…and pleasure…to hand out the awards that our Scouts had earned by selling Boy Scout Popcorn this fall. Everyone who sold something got a nice little patch. Those who sold certain amounts were rewarded with gift cards. Those Scouts who gained admission to the $600 Club received their Zyclones, which I described with some help from David Letterman in a previous post.

Based on the amount of gift cards that were distributed last night, we verified that it is indeed in an organization’s best interests to incentivize their sales force. This year, we decided to offer an additional incentive at the Pack level: we raffle off a tent. For every $100 in popcorn that a Scout sold, his name went in the hat once. Odds were, a member of the $600 Club would win the tent, being as his name was on six tickets in the hat, and that’s exactly what happened. I’ve never had so much fun helping a boy take down and fold up a tent before.

“You can’t win if you don’t play” – that’s what the lottery folks say, and if you buy an extra ticket, you double your chances. Of course, an individual’s chance of winning the lottery is infinitesimal, and buying two tickets still places your chances somewhere between slim and none. Riley’s extra 5 chances in the tent giveaway, however, were significant in a pool of just under 50.

At EXAIR, we like to “throw our name in the hat,” if you will, in pursuit of the premier honor for new products in the manufacturing market, Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year Awards. Thumb through our catalog – you’ll see numerous nods to POY Finalists, and our fair share of POY Awards. And we’re proud to add two new products to that list for 2011: The brand new Atto Super Air Nozzles, and our Atomizing Spray Nozzles, introduced earlier this year, have both been named as 2011 Product of the Year Finalists!

If you use compressed air – or want to – for cleaning, drying, blow off, cooling, conveying, static elimination, liquid spraying, or vacuuming…give us a call. Not only do we have a product to suit your application, chances are, we have one of the best.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
Phone: (800)903-9247
Twitter: EXAIR_RB

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